Battle of the Lip Liners

Doing my lipstick without a lip liner can be quite a challenge especially if it a dark or dramatic lip.
 I am a proud owner of many different lip liners from many different brands. As I have been 
doing many different "battle of" posts there was no exception for me to do a battle of lip liners.

Essence - These are by far my all time favourite lip liners. I first purchased one of these from Wilkos for only £1 after I found the perfect nude shade. Since then I have been hooked. One of the things I love about Essence lip liners is not only how super creamy and easy they glide on but also the wide variety of different colour options that they have.

05 soft berry
06 satin mauve
07 cute pink
08 red blush
11 in the nude
12 wish me a rose
13 transparent
15 honey berry

M.N (Me Now) - I got these in a set along with some other shades (which I use as eyeliners) from Ebay about 3 years ago. I like these mainly for the colours ranging from nudes, peaches and dark vampy shades. I also like these because they are not too creamy and wont hold to the lips and they're not too drying to where they are drying and hurt the lips.


Collection - I picked these lip liners up Boots for £1.99 as I loved the natural colours and thought they would look great with underneath paired with my MAC creemsheen lipstick in Creme Cup. They look beautiful when paired together however I do find them to be quite drying and hard to use compared to my other lip liners. They are very similar colours but Pink Heaven has more orange undertones and Clover Pink has more pink/raspberry undertones.

12 Pink Heaven
17 Clover Pink

ELF - I used to be a massive fan of ELF cosmetics, and used to purchase a lot of things from their website. I decided to try some lip liners so I picked up a natural pink shade and a dark red shade to get a mix of both light and dark. These are the perfect consistency between overly creamy and super drying. They glide on the lips really smoothly, without bleeding whilst having good lasting power

Natural Blush

Model CO. - I got 2 of these as samples in magazines and I was quite scared to try them as I never heard of the brand before. This is very similar to the ELF lip liner but this has more brown undertones. This lip liner in particular looks great paired alongside MAC Velvet Teddy. This is a type of lip liner that looks great with most nude lipsticks as they can transform them into new colours

Illusion nude


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