Updated What's In My Bag

I wanted to do an updated what's in my bag as I don't think I've done one in a while.
I do use this as my college bag, but all of my work stays at college so thankfully I don't
have to carry it around with me. This bag was £30 from H&M and is a very
similar design to the Zara office city tote that I had in my last what's in my bag.
On one of the zips I have attached two key rings which are both from Gran Canaria,
 one is a watch over voodoo doll and the other is just a fluffy key ring.

The first thing in my bag is a small clear makeup bag that holds and contains all random
essentials that I need but don't want to floating around my bag. This includes,
sanatary towels, powder, concealer, tablets, tooth brush, head calm, lip balm, mini
perfume, mirror, earring backs, hair ties and hair grips. I also have a pencil
 case and a manicure set as they come in useful more than you think!

I also carry around some beauty essentials that don't fit in the small makeup bag.
This includes both hand sanitizer and hand cream, a hairbrush, lip balm,
body spray and a mirror.

The last things in my bag are completely random, such as headphones, a pen,
 a hair tie, perfume, keys, tissues, wipes and a pink pouch from Sephora that holds
a headphone splitter and a portable charger.


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