Apothecary Beauty Review

I recently went and picked up a few beauty items from a range in Marks and
Spencer called Apothecary. I wanted to share my opinion and review on these items
as I've never heard anybody talked about them, despite how good they are.

The first item is an hand and nail cream in the scent elderflower and rhubarb and is
only £4. This is a great item because it isn't too thick but yet it is super
moisturising and good for people with dry hands. I have tried many hand creams 
from a variety of faces but they are either expensive or don't do what they
are supposed to. This scent is very different from the others I have tried, as they 
are usually all strong floral scents and this one is quite muted down but
still has a beautiful but non-overwhelming scent.

I also picked up a body wash in the same elderflower and rhubarb scent, which
is £4 . I love this not only because the scent is beautiful but because it 
feels like a more luxury item. It lathers up really nicely and quickly without 
feeling too thick or heavy. It also leaves the scent on the skin but it isn't
too over powering or sickly.

The last thing I picked up was an all purpose salve in the scent rosehip, which is
£4.50. This is a very similar product to one that Burts Bees sell, however I prefer
the scent of this one as it is a subtle rose scent that isn't too sickly, when the one
from Burts Bees has a very waxy scent. This is a product in which can
be used on your; lips, face, cuticles, elbows, knees and any areas that are prone
to dry or chapping. This is moisturising but not at all oily.

Another reason these products are great is because they are 
vegetarian and cruelty free.


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