OOTW: College Edition

As you will see my style is super laid back and is all about comfort. My college
timetable only requires me to be there for 2 days a week so I decided to show you 
what I wore for the first 2 weeks that I was there.

For my first day I wanted to wear something that I wouldn't be uncomfortable in,
so I decided to wear a khaki H&M cropped jumper paired with my 
Topshop joni jeans as they are super stretchy and comfortable and also
paired with my low black and white converse.

For my second day I wore a long sleeve black fitted top from H&M, with the
sane Topshop Joni Jeans I wore on Tuesday and my black and white
converse. I also decided to wear my black and white checked shirt that I 
purchased from a pop-up vintage store in Birmingham.

The first day of the following week I wore a similar outfit to the last one. The 
top is from H&M, the shirt is from a pop-up shop, jeans are from
Topshop and I wore my high top white converse.

This day was really miserable outside and I was super tidy so I wanted to be extra
comfy and more casual than usual. I wore a thick light grey jumper from 
Ebay with my Topshop joni jeans. I also paired these with my converse which I lost
and found last minute so unfortunately they weren't in the photo.


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