New Tanya Burr Cosmetics Review

On Thursday 20th August Tanya Burr realised new cosmetics in her makeup range. Including 1 eyebrow palette, 3 eye shadow palettes, 11 lip glosses, 12 nail polishes and 4 eye lash sets. At 7.30 in the morning I purchased the 4 palettes and 1 of the lip glosses from Feel Unique, and wanted to give my review of the products and what I think about them.

Perfect Brows Palette - This has 3 brow shades, a highlight shade and includes a mini brush and tweezers. I have blonde hair and finding an eyebrow shade that suits my hair is very difficult to find, but the shade pebble is the perfect shade for me. I also like to use either chestnut or hot cocoa (depending on if I want a more warm or cool toned brow) for some extra definition on the outer end of my brow. The highlight is the a great shade for giving extra shape to the brow bone, without being too matte or too shimmery. This is also great because it comes with a large mirror which comes in useful especially for getting extra shape and definition.

Fairytale Eye Palette - This palette is a neutral everyday palette that can easily be worn for a more night time look. This includes a warm toned white/highlight shade, a medium warm tone brown, a grey and a deep black. All of these shades are matte except for alohomora which is the grey shade, that has some shimmer running throughout it. 

Galaxy Eye Palette - This palette is the most dramatically toned out of the 3 eye palettes, but is not too dramatic that it is too difficult to wear. This comes with a cool toned highlight shade, a cool light grey/gold shade, a warm brown shade and a dark black shade. All of these shades are shimmery except from stormy sky  which is the warm toned brown shade. The black shade is the most shimmery out of all of them but would look great on a night out or a date night.

Hollywood Eye Palette - Since the new release of Tanya's products, this has been one of the most talked about products. This is a great day time palette that can easily be transformed into a beautiful date night look. This includes a warm tone highlight/white shade, a simple gold shade, a deep warm gold shade and a light brown shade. This palette has a mix of different finishes; 1 shade is matte, 1 shade is really shimmery and the other 2 shades are lightly iridescent. This is my favourite palette because it is super easy to wear and easy to create looks that aren't too overwhelming and dramatic.

Picnic in the Park Lip Gloss - I personally don't like lip glossed because I don't like the feeling on my lips and they easily bleed on my lips. However I wanted to try one from Tanya's range as I have heard so many good reviews from them. I decided to pick up the shade Picnic in the Park as it was one of the most talked about glosses. This is a peachy pink shade that is super pigmented on the lips without having to use a lip stick. This is quite sticky yet it doesn't bleed and feel great on the lips.

Perfect brows - Feel Unique - £7 
Fairytale eye palette - Feel Unique - £6
Galaxy eye palette - Feel Unique - £6
Hollywood eye palette - Feel Unique - £6
Picnic in the Park lip gloss - Feel Unique - £5.99

Overall I absolutley love Tanya's new collection, I am looking forward to when she releases any new products and I would 100% recommend these to anyone from beginners - hardcore makeup lovers!


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