Updated Evening Skincare Routine

Back in February (along with my morning skincare routine) I did an evening skincare
routine. As my last post was an updated morning skincare routine,
I wanted to do and updated evening skincare routine too. My routine has 
changed quite a bit and although there are still a lot of products it has been stripped
down a lot more and it more basic.

The first thing I do is remove my face makeup with the Garnier micellar water, and remove
my eye makeup with the Garnier eye makeup remover. I then use my Garnier 
softening toner for dry skin. This helps to remove any last traces of makeup, 
as well as cleansing and refreshing my skin.

I then use the Clean and Clear exfoliating face wash. This helps to clean the skin and 
unblock pores by using gentle micro-beads. I then use an eye gel to help refresh
and de-puff my under eyes, then use an eye cream to minimize dark circles and bags.

The last thing I do is use a cream/moisturiser. This one is called finacea which was
perscribed to me from my doctors, so unfortunetly it can't be purchased in a local store. 
This helps to keep my acne from getting worse. However if I do get the 
off pimple or spot then I like to use the Clean and Clear spot advantage cream.


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