Updated Morning Skincare Routine

Back in February I did an morning skincare routine and it has changed 
a lot and gotten a lot more basic and simpler.

The first thing I do is use the Olay refreshing toner. I use this to remove any traces
of makeup or dirt that is on my face, as well to refresh my skin and make
me more awake looking!

I then use the simple soothing eye balm under my eyes as it isn't as thick as my 
night eye cream but still helps to reduce puffiness, whilst being great for
sensitive skin.

The last thing I do is use my simple light moisturiser as I have dry skin,
plus your skin needs to stay hydrated no matter what you skin type is. I like to use
this one because it's not as thick but is still super hydrating.

As you can tell my morning skincare routine is really basic, as I don't want 
to cake up my skin first thing in the morning and make it 
get red and super sensitive. 


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