July Favourites

This month I've spent half of it getting ready for my holiday and the other half
actually on holiday. So this month has been very busy and I've been
sticking to the same products as usual, but there have been a few new items
or a new way that I've been using them!

Whilst I was on holiday I read; The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time by Mark Haddon. This book is about a 15 year old boy who has Aspergers Syndrome and finds his neighbors dog murdered. He spends the book trying to solve the murder but comes across some struggles in the meantime. It doesn't sound that interesting and I didn't really have high expectations for it, but I really loved it and would definitely recommend it. It is also currently playing on theater, and I would love to see how they transform it onto the stage.

Right at the beginning of the month I got a new phone, and I got the iPhone 6 plus. I have never had an iPhone before but I heard so much about this one and decided to get the plus because I love and find bigger phones easier for me to use. This is probably a weird favourite to include, but I have been nonstop using this and if you are looking to getting this phone or wanting to buy it soon, then I would recommend getting this one.

When I was in the airport on my way to holiday, I knew I wanted a new Mac lipstick and I decided to purchase; twig which is a satin finish. I was wearing this on holiday a lot of the time and I loved to wear in more sheer over the top of a lipbalm. If you are interested in getting this, it is very similar to velvet teddy but a bit more pink toned.

Another thing I loved to do on holiday was instead of using foundation or my cc cream, I used my Rimmel wake me up concealer mixed with the Collection lasting perfection concealer all over my face and also underneath my eyes. This is so quick, it would last a really long time and it would provide enough coverage to conceal my acne and scaring.


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