Blogging A Year Later

Officially one year ago today I started this blog. When I first started I only wrote 11 posts from July
to December, when now I have wrote about 78 posts since December. I am about 3 weeks
away from reaching 100 posts.

This journey has been stressful but has been so much fun. It's been stressful because I like
to stay organised and stick to a schedule, but it has been so fun because I get to write
what I love about and what I have a true passion and interest for.

I wanted to write this post mainly because I wanted to thank all of you who read
and comment on my posts 3 times a week. If it wasn't for any of you I would have given
up and stopped writing a long long time ago. I also wanted to thank you all
 for giving me a chance to write about what I love and express all the tips and tricks that
I know with you all. Words can't express how thankful I am.

Thank you so much!


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