Saturday Strength #2


Being happy isn't about making others think you are happy or being happy but not showing it. being happy
is about feeling confident and comfortable within yourself. Another person shouldn't have an impact 
on how you act or feel about yourself.

Being happy is something that I struggle with myself, and if you struggle with being happy try to find
comfort in something that you enjoy, whether it's a hobby or even music and films. 
I really like anything beauty related and that makes me feel happy.

Sometimes being happy requires help from a person rather than a physical thing. A lot of people
aren't happy because they are holding onto feelings and emotions, but once they express themselves
to another person they feel a sigh of relief and a much calmer self leaving them to feel happy.

At the end of the day being happy isn't about somebody else. If you find happiness in something
that someone close to you doesn't agree with it, then carry on doing it anyway because it's what you
find comfort and happiness in.

Be happy for you, not for somebody else.


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