June Favourites

Once again there isn't really many items that have changed that I have been loving. But 
there are a few that I thought I would share with you.

A few months ago I got really into buying books, and I was going to start reading them all and more
often in general after my exams finished. My exams finished nearly a month ago and I only
started reading my books about a week ago. I decided to read Attachments by Rainbow Rowell.
This story is about 2 women who are emailing in an office and the IT technician is reading
through their emails, but falls in love with one of them. It sounds boring and really chessy but it
actually has a really interesting story and I actually read it in less than a day!! 

It's no secret that Revlon colourstay is one of my favourite foundations. However this month
I ran out and purchased the shade lighter which is the lightest shade in the range, and it is
the perfect colour match for me and weirdly I think that it covers better and lasts
longer, but that is probably just a me thing!!

I've always wanted to try a peach correcting concealer, but they were always so expensive. I found
this one from MUA and it was only £3 on superdrug. I use this before my foundation
then apply my concealer over the top once I've put my foundation on. As this is a peach concealer
it helps to cover and hide and blue and purple tones underneath the eyes.

Online shopping is one of my favourite things to do and I've been extra loving it this month.
The reason for this is because I am going on holiday in just under 2 weeks and I have been buying loads
of holiday items and clothes (which I will be showing you in a blog post soon). The only thing is that
it isn't good for my bank account, but it is good for my wardrobe!


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