Day In My Life: Zoo Day

Me, my mom and my nan decided to go to Twycross Zoo for a day out. As one of my first posts 
was a safari day out, I thought it would be nice to do a zoo day out as it has been nearly 
a year since my first post. 

At Twycross there are a lot of monkeys as they are a specialist monkey zoo. This was
my favourite one that I took.

There was only one kangaroo that we could see, and this one decided to rest and sunbathe.

There were so many giraffes but this was the best one that I got because surprisingly it is hard
to get a good photo of a giraffe without getting a glare of the sun behind their head.

The elephant enclosure was massive and so cute to see them all as there was a baby elephant!

We came across more monkeys and these were quite aggressive as they later started fighting over food!

The meerkats were surprisingly interesting to watch because they are so small yet so energetic.

If I'm honest the cutest thing I found at the zoo were these ducklings that were roaming around 
outside. Look at how cute they are!!!

Flamingos have always been a laugh in my family because I never used to be able to say it
when I was younger, so whenever I see some it always puts a smile on my face!

I have never seen a pelican until today and I found it so weird. Maybe it was because of how
it was sat or maybe is was because of how long it's beak is.

I hope you guys liked this simple fun post of a day at the zoo with me.


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