Hair Saviour

My hair is something that I struggle with. I have dry, fine hair but I have a lot of it.
Conditioners, masks and oils are quickly becoming my favourite to use.

This can be used on dry hair pre-washing for extra care, on damp hair for better
manageability or on dry hair for a sleek and polished look.
I like to use this before I wash my hair to help and prevent me from getting 
split ends. I also like to use this after I have gotten out of the shower to make sure
I can manage my hair easier and hope that it is less frizzy once it is dry.

There isn't one specific hair oil that is my favourite as I have tried many 
different ones, and they all seem to work in the same way. This one that I am
currently using is the Schwarzkopf got2b oil-licious with argan oil.

If you have more oily textured hair that gets greasy very easily, I wouldn't
recommend using this. However I would recommend using this if your hair is
more towards the dry texture, as it could help improve the texture 
of your hair and put it in a better condition.


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