Velvet Teddy - Worth The Hype?

I think Mac Velvet Teddy lipstick is probably one of or possibly the most talked about lipstick ever. The reason for this is because Kylie Jenner wears this. But because everybody wants it, it has been extremely hard to find.
Thankfully I finally managed to get my hands on it.

For a Mac lipstick it is £15.50, which is quite expensive but they are definitely worth it. This is a dark nude/medium toned brown colour. It is also very 90's inspired, but the 90's is in style. This is a matte finish which means that it doesn't have that moisture or glossy look to it. This will stay on for a long time but it is easy to get on and remove.

 I was quite hesitant to buy this, not because of the price but because I hadn't seen this in person until it arrived in the post - so I wasn't sure whether I would like it or not.  As everyone is talking about, you start to wonder if it is actually worth all of the hype. I would 100% agree that it is worth it and everybody should buy this. However I think this would suit light - medium toned skin more than darker skin tones but I do think that anybody can pull this off.


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