Top 5 Bloggers

I often find myself reading blog posts, like all the time!! My favourite website to find bloggers and posts are bloglovin. It is a website where you can follow loads of bloggers and get updates on the website when they upload a new post. 

4. (blog) (youtube)

1. My favourite blogger out of them all is brogan who, I actually had the pleasure of meeting Brogan 2 years ago at London IMATS and she is such a beautiful person both inside and out. Her blog is my favourite because she posts about beauty, fashion and lifestyle whilst being genuine. If you have a question or a comment she will reply back to you and she is so close and so thankful for her readers and viewers. I have been reading and following Brogan since the beginning when she started her youtube channel which was 3 years ago. 

2. The next blogger that is my favourite is Catherine, who is one of my friends sister. She posts a lot of fashion posts which is great if you are a lover or looking for inspiration of a variety of styles and clothes. I really enjoy reading Catherine's blog because when you read her posts you feel as if she is talking and giving advice to you personally. I also love the content that she posts as she does a range of different posts.

3. Sammi is my next favourite blogger. The reason for this is because she does a lot of fashion posts and has great photography pictures and skills. She will also go into great detail and explain where each individual item is from and have great communication with her readers and viewers. If you have a high love for anything beauty and fashion related then Sammi's blog would be great to check out!!

4. I haven't been following Victoria's blog for very long but I have always been a fan of her youtube channel. She posts a ton of posts, which are beauty, fashion, lifestyle and advice related. She posts at least once a day but sometimes even more. The layout and colour scheme of Victoria's blog makes you want to read it even more because of how simple but elegant it looks.

5. My fifth favourite blogger is Ashleigh. I came across her because she messaged me on twitter about how she loved my blog. The first thing I noticed about her blog was how the pictures were such high quality. After I noticed the pictures I was immediately drawn in. Once I started reading her blog I noticed that she does videos on youtube. She hasn't posted in a while but the videos that she does have up are worth watching. The last thing I like about Ashleigh is that she has great communication with readers and viewers are will reply to comments and questions on her videos and posts.

I do read a lot of bloggers posts but these are just my top 5 favourite
bloggers that you should all check out and give their blogs
a read, as you will love them all!!



  1. Thank you! I know you've asked about when I'll be posting next because I haven't in a while but I've scheduled some for this Sunday and next Sunday at 3 so hopefully I'll keep up the weekly ones haha x

    1. Your welcome! And thank you, can't wait to read x