Life Update

Thankfully I haven't left you too long without a new post, but it has been a couple of weeks. For the past few weeks I have been quite busy; seeing family, having lazy days and going back to school. As some of you might know I am only 15 so I am still at school and my summer holidays ended and resulted in me being back at school. Soon I will be studying for my GCSE's then I'll be starting college. School for me is very hard as I suffer from server anxiety, especially being in social situations which also means that I don't go out a lot (if you would like a post about anxiety and social issues, comment down below).
So far I've only been back at school for 3 days and it's quite difficult for me to get back into a routine. Other than being at school, I spent the weekend at my brothers with his girlfriend and my niece, and have also spent multiple days buying nice items and window shopping.

Blog posts aren't going to be up at scheduled times and days, they will be up when I have time to write and publish. However I will be aiming for about 4-6 posts a month (don't hold me to it), so there should be about 1 maybe 2 posts a week. Hopefully one of my next post will be fashion related as fashion is something that I love and where I can express myself, and I've haven't done a clothing or fashion related post so far.


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