Lets talk serums

Serums are my all time favourite skincare item, and they have been for years! I can't get enough of 
them. The reason I love them so much is because they give both short and long term results and 
have amazing benefits for the skin. As someone with dry skin, moisture and hydration is key for me, 
so any chance that I can add that into my skincare routine I will jump at the chance, and serums do 
exactly that. There are so many different serums that I have tried and tested, as well as those that I 
have ready to try for when I run out of my current favourites.

A serum is packed full of impactful ingredients to target specific skincare needs. It is used after 
cleansing but before moisturiser and often adds in extra moisture to the skin through hyaluronic 
acid. Each serum is different and has different benefits depending on what you are after and what 
your skin type is, however all serums are used to add extra nutrients into your face through the 
concentrated ingredients. Serums are used before your moisturiser to make sure that everything is 
sealed and locked into your skin, to get the best results.

It's no secret that Dermalogica is one of, if not my favourite skincare brand. Everything I have tried 
exceeds my expectations and works wonders on my skin. The Dermalogica biolumin-c serumis 
highly concentrated and intense for the skin, which is why I use it less frequently than other serums. 
However this means that it helps target fine lines and wrinkles, redness and dark spots more 
thorough, leaving your skin looking and feeling smooth and flawless after each use.  

There are so many incredible serums available and on the market, and one that I've loved suing is 
the Good Molecules hyaluronic acid serum*. This is perfect if you have dry skin and are lacking 
moisture, as well as needing some extra help to target redness and scarring. I love this because it 
absorbs into my skin and leaves it feeling and looking amazing. Immediately after use I look more 
radiant and nourished.

Being a girl with dry skin, I need all the moisture and hydration in my skin that I can get. Last year 
fell in love with the Grounded Egyptian gold retinol serumand have been obsessed every 
since. I particularly love this so much because it contains hyaluronic acid (my favourite skincare 
ingredient) which my skin loves, all whilst targeting find lines and wrinkles as well as any dark 
spots and imperfections. Most importantly this doesn't leave my skin feeling thick, heavy or sticky 
afterwards and doesn't clog up my pores. 

My newest serum that I have been loving to use is the Grounded hyaluronic acid dragons blood 
serumAfter falling in love with the Egyptian gold serum from Grounded*, I knew I had to pick 
this up when I saw it in my local TK-MAXX. This not only contains hyaluronic acid but also; red 
algae, marine collagen and biotin serum to help give a luxurious finish to the skin. Preventing signs 
of anti-aging and renew the skin. This will leave you with a brighter and firmer complexion with 
extra added moisture. 

What is your favourite serum?


Some of these products were gifted (have been marked with an asterix) to me however this post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own.


  1. I always use a serum in my skincare routine, particularly one that has hyaluronic acid in it x

    Lucy Mary

    1. Can't get enough of hyaluronic acid, my skin loves it x

  2. I've not tried any of these before, but they sound great. I'm currently using a vitamin c one from Facetheory which I love - Seems to be lasting me forever too thankfully.


    1. I haven't tried Face Theory before but I've heard good things x

  3. I am big lover of serum - on my face but also on my hair! I also love TKMaxx for bargain beauty finds! My current favourite serum is from Beauty Pie!


    1. Heard great things about Beauty Pie! I've got plenty of serums to use once these are up x

  4. I swear by a hydrating serum, my dry skin needs them! I love Beauty Pie ones.

    1. Really need to try out Beauty Pie! Didn't realise they did skincare too x

  5. I'm actually not sure if I've ever tried a serum before! I really like a good face oil though!

    Corinne x

    1. A serum will soak into the skin more and give deeper hydration I believe! Definitely recommend trying one if you love a face oil x

  6. I've not heard of Grounded before it sounds lovely. You can't beat a good facial oil x

    1. Only tried a few of their products, but I love what I've tried so far x

  7. I haven't tried any of these products before, a few months ago I added a serum to my skincare. It is the Elf blemish one, though I can't tell if it is working x

    1. I haven't tried ELF skincare out but it's something I've heard good reviews about x