Makeup I'm currently loving

Despite thinking I don't buy that much makeup, I always seem to be discovering new favourites which 
then quickly become part of my makeup routine. Due to work, I'm opting for a lighter base and something 
that doesn't clog my pores or feel heavy throughout the day. I love to write about makeup I'm currently 
loving to look back in years time and see what was trending at the time! 

There's a reason this is labelled as America's number one concealer. With full coverage and 16 
hour wear it leaves your skin looking flawless, whilst brightening and smoothing without caking or 
settling into any fine lines. This contains shea butter, mango butter and licorice root to help with the 
skins elasticity, brighten, condition and moisturise. The hydration and creaminess of this concealer 
makes wearing it all day, seem like you're wearing nothing. For £24 this a more 'luxury' concealer 
compared to other brands, but it is definitely worth it.

After seeing the amazing Mikayla Nogueira, rave about the Loreal true match tinted serum I decided to 
pick it up and see how the coverage would work for me on a day-to-day basis, whilst at work. This has 
a medium coverage with a dewy finish. I love to wear this for work as it covers my redness and 
imperfections whilst being light on the skin and looking flawless throughout the day.

As a blonde it can be very difficult to find brow products that work and have the correct undertone. I 
personally prefer using products with a cooler undertone as they compliment my hair and skin tone 
the best. The Essence make me brow gel, in 'soft browny brows' is the perfect shade. This adds extra 
definition to my brows and coats each individual hair, whilst setting them in place all day long! 

Something I hate is a dry matte lip. I find them really uncomfortable to wear and am constantly 
messing with them throughout the day. The maracujia juicy lipsare the complete opposite and 
perfect for me. These have a cushion comfort complex for an instant plump whilst smoothing and 
hydrating the lips as well as adding shine. I gravitate towards the clear shade, over the tints for a 
more natural look whilst still achieving the plump, hydrating and sheen they give! 

I am constantly changing what setting spray I use. From hydrating and refreshing to illuminating and 
energising, I have them all. At the moment I'm loving the Friends x Revolution Rachel energising setting 
spray. This energising formula contains hyaluronic and caffeine, mixed with a sweet strawberry scent to 
set and refresh the skin, making your base look flawless for the entire day. 



  1. I still haven't tried the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer! I feel like it's everyone's favourite!

    1. It's amazing! Officially onto my second tube x

  2. I'd really love to try that fixing spray, it sounds really good and I just love Friends anyway!

    Lucy Mary

    1. I definitely bought it because it was Friends, but I'm glad it's actually worth it too x

  3. I keep meaning to repurchase Shape Tape, such a good concealer!

    Gemma Louise

  4. I still haven't tried the Tarte concealer. I've used the dupe from Revolution before and really enjoyed it, but I've not tried the real deal yet! Also 100% for the shade names in the eyeshadow palette here. Haha.


    1. I didn't know that Revolution had a dupe, definitely going to have to try it out though! x

  5. I never used to use a setting spray and now I wouldn't go without one! Will definitely have to check out the brow gel too,
    Amy x

    1. I agree, definitely can't not use a setting spray! x

  6. I love the smell of the setting spray! Deffo a new fave