New in from Dermalogica | Gifted

Dermalogica is my all-time favourite skincare brand and have been for a while now. I'm very fortunate
 to get sent their new in products to try and test out for myself. Over the last 2 years I've tried out quite 
a lot of Dermalogica's products and I've never been disappointed. They have become part of my key 
skincare routine and will always be a brand I will use and recommend no matter what. In the last few 
months I've received 3 of their newest launches, and since I recommend their skincare so highly I 
wanted to share them with you all, hoping you find a new favourite of your own!

This refreshing toner firms and hydrates the skin with a continuous mist formula that protects the skin's 
barrier by creating and antioxidant shield to help fight radical damage and ageing. Containing pea extract, 
rose and clove extracts to firm, comfort and refresh the skin. Perfect to use after cleansing or throughout 
the day as an added boost of freshness. 

Using light-diffusing technology to help balance the appearance of uneven pigmentation after just a single 
use, whilst also brightening and boosting the skins natural luminosity. Clinical test results show; after 1 
week dark spots will have started fading, after 4 weeks dark spots start reducing in size and after 8 
weeks it reduces the number of dark spots. 

Described as a skincare workout for the neck, this serums aims to tighten, smooth and tone the neck.
 Flex lift contour technology acts as invisible mesh to immediately tighten the skin. Using plant based 
technology to firm, tone and smoothen the skin. With the help of the roller applicator this trains the 
neck to be tighten instantly and tone in just 12 weeks. 

This extremely moisturising masque transforms from a balm to an oil, activated by the skins heat, to help 
restore dry skin. Their melting-point-complex delivers a satisfying melting sensation penetrating the skins 
layers to deeply nourish and rehydrate. Using micro-algae's properties to soothe and protect the skin 
against drying due to air pollution. Enriched with linoleic acid and vitamin e for healthier looking skin!

What are you most interested in trying?


These products were gifted to me however this post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own. See disclaimer page for more info. 


  1. I would love to try that mask! I really need some moisture right now!

    Corinne x

    1. Hydration is key! I'm drawn to anything that adds moisture x

  2. I've just started using the Powerbright and I'm loving it so far! Think I need to try Melting Moisture Masque, it sounds lush! x

    Steff |

    1. I'm so excited to try them and give them a proper go x

  3. I NEED to try that neck serum like yesterday


  4. The hydramist sounds lovely, I'm obsessed with face mists, so cooling and refreshing!

    Gemma Louise

  5. That Melting Moisture Mask sounds amazing!

  6. The Hydramist is divine, it is one of my favourite Dermalogica products.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

    1. Can't wait to give it a proper go and use it in my routine x