4 things I'm proud of currently

It's so easy to go through life focusing on the negative, as we are prone to doubt ourselves and not focus 
on our accomplishments. I'm incredibly guilty of doing this, which is why I wanted to do this post and 
recognise the positivity in my life. Writing this made me realise my achievements as well as how I want to 
progress in life and what I would like my goals to be. This is definitely something I will look back on.

Something that I've dreamed of for years is moving out and having my own place. Although I don't "own" 
this flat, it's still just as much my home. I love having my own place to do whatever I want, decorate how
 I wish and have the ability to do certain things that I wouldn't at home. I've become so much more 
independent and have grown up a lot in the last 3 months since moving out and I'm so happy to have 
my own place. Saying that I do miss my parents very much! 

Although I've been slacking with my blogging this year, I'm still really proud of the posts I am putting out. 
I have worked with some incredible brands so far this year and received some amazing PR parcels (check 
out my post here) which I never could've dreamt of doing. My 'real life' job is also going really well and is 
on track with my own personal goals. I've often struggled with getting a balance with my job and blogging 
without being overwhelmed, which is something I'm still working on but that's part of the process.

As someone who has quite severe depression, my self care will often go missed. Everything from luxury 
pamper nights including face masks and skincare, to brushing my hair, taking my tablets and eating 
properly. Since moving out I let other things take control, but over the last month or two I have finally 
started getting back on track with taking care of myself and my body.

Whilst living at home I often let me mom do things for me as it was easy and convenient, which we are all 
guilty of. Moving out has made me become more independent and stop relying on others to do things for 
me. My biggest achievement is learning how to cook. Even if they don't always turn out like I planned.

What are you proud of yourself for currently?



  1. I'm very proud of you. You have achieved so much and will continue to do so xx

  2. This is so lovely, you have every right to be proud of yourself. I had a break from blogging due to lots of things but one was being diagnosed with a neurological disease making lots of things difficult, I’m proud I’ve been able to blog again (with lots of help) it’s something I love to do xxx

    1. Thank you! I'm so sorry, sending you lots of love x

  3. Well done you! You should be so proud of yourself for all of these things!


  4. Ahhh I loved having my own flat! I sometimes miss living alone now even!

    Corinne x

    1. So refreshing to have your own space and a place to call your own x

  5. Well done you, Fab idea for a blog post too xx

  6. Balancing blogging and working full time (and more) is really hard, I still haven't properly achieved it.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

    1. I've especially struggled with it recently, so I'm trying to get my motivation back x