Favourite self care tips

Valentine's Day isn't just the time to show love to the people around us, but to ourselves as well. One of 
my favourite ways to do this is have a nice pamper session. Although I'd like to say I do this once a week, 
it's definitely not. I wanted to do this blog post to remind you to take some time out for yourself and give 
yourself the love and care that you deserve. This is your reminder to treat yourself to a pamper night!

Having a bubble bath is my favourite tip for self care and pampering. Not everyone is a bath person, 
however if you truly want to relax and unwind, them a bubble bath is perfect. I tend to get a bit carried 
away and use bubble bath, a bath bomb, some bath salts and maybe even a bath oil or fragrance. I just 
bought a bath pillow which takes the whole experience to a new level. I want to get out of the habit of 
being on my phone in the bath, but being on TikTok does distract me and help me forget about my 
problems! I also like to bring a small snack and a drink with me. Often a nice cold glass of coke, or a gin 
if I want to up the anty with my self care. After well over an hour spent in the bath I'm truly relaxed.

Just before I get in the bath I also like to do a face mask. It's the prefect time to do a mask as I forget it's 
there and it gets to work its magic on my skin, without me taking it off too soon because I've forgotten 
when I first put it on! A sheet mask is perfect as there is no mess when it comes to removing it, meaning 
you can spend more time in the bath without having to get out. I've been loving the plant based sheet 
masks from Beauty Pro* as they are super hydrating and leave my skin feeling incredibly soft afterwards.

Painting your nails is an obvious tip for self care. Even though we can't go out and get our nails done at 
the moment, we can still give ourselves a gorgeous mani-pedi. If I'm not getting my nails professionally 
done then I like to leave them to breathe, which is why I focus on my toenails. If I want to feel extra 
special I will use cuticle oils and balms on my feet to get that added treat at home. I spend so much time 
trying to pick out what colour I want to use and always end up going for the same one (please tell me I'm 
not the only one who does this?) This is also the perfect time to do a foot mask whether it's to remove any 
dry and dead skin or just hydrate your feet (make sure you do this before you paint your nails to avoid the 
nail polish smudging or peeling).

After a long bubble bath and a nourishing face mask it's time for an in depth skincare routine. I like to 
get out my toner, serum, moisturiser, lip mask, eye care and spot treatment. Although this might sound 
like a normal skincare routine, there are a few extra steps added which I don't do everyday. After each 
product I like to allow a minute or two, to let them sink into my skin and really nourish my face. I love 
feeling hydrated and as replenished as possible, whilst looking glowy in the mirror. 

A step people often overlook and  forget to do and is to moisturise your body, and I'm definitely one of 
them. When I do moisturise my body the Vaseline spray and go lotion is my favourite, as it's super quick 
and easy to use and doesn't leave your skin feeling sticky afterwards. I then like to take the Soap and Glory righteous butter and use that on the extra dry parts of my body such as my knees, wrists and elbows.

Turning your screens off is so much more important than we realise. On average we spend between 5 
and 7 hours a day looking at our screens, whether that be our laptop, tv or phones. Turning them off can 
give us time to switch off and focus on other things in our lives. This is a great self care tip as it gives you 
the opportunity to listen to the radio, put on a podcast or read a book, which you might not have done 
before. I personally prefer to read a book, as I find myself getting lost in the story and having completed 
the book and am another step towards my Goodreads goal of the year. 

What is your favourite self care tip?


Some of these products were gifted (have been marked with an asterix) to me however this post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own


  1. Painting my nails is always mine!

  2. Some great tips, I always feel better with my nails painted, it’s good to have down time from technology too. Great post xxxx


    1. Thanks lovely! Makes you feel more put together x

  3. Ooh! Bath, Gin and a face mask is the dream! Add a podcast too, and I'm in actual heaven x

    Steff | www.steffaniebee.com

  4. A big old bubble bath, my book and doing my nails are my go-to for some self care. It's so important to make time for it when the world feels really crazy and unsteady!


  5. Great self care tips! Yesterday I did most of those for a nice self care pamper night, had a day off social media, painted my nails and toes and face mask was lovely and we all need to do it more often for ourselves x

    1. Sounds perfect. Think I might do mine the weekend x

  6. I love these tips - I really need to take more time away from my screen!
    A Lush bath is my favourite way to practice self care.

    1. I always forget how much time I spend on it until I get my weekly screen data on my phone! x

  7. Such a great list and screen time is major downfall for me as I am terrible for looking at them too much ��

    1. It's just so easy to be on your phone and get carried away x

  8. A weekly bubble bath is a must for me, especially right now! ALso love to paint my nails!

    Kayleigh x

    1. So relaxing! Had one last night and it was perfect x