Achieving a flawless base using drugstore products

Flawless is a strong word to use and live up too. The definition of flawless is without any imperfections 
and perfect. Nobody is flawless or perfect. There are things we'd change about ourselves and improve on 
but that's what makes us unique. Despite saying this, if you are a makeup lover you will understand the 
want for a flawless base. In regards to makeup I don't think flawless has to be full coverage and intense 
pigmentation. Instead I interpret is as even and smooth. Trying to achieve that with a drugstore budget 
can be quite difficult but I wanted to share how I do it and what products I use!

The key to any flawless base is a good primer. When I think of flawless I think of pore filling and 
smoothing. A lot of primers claim to do this but my favourite is the ELF poreless putty primer (full review 
here). This is a putty which helps to glide over your pores for a smoothing affect that gives the look of a 
blank canvas. They also have a luminous and matte version, depending on what finish you want. I use the 
original as it feels most like my skin after application and doesn't affect the finish of my foundation.

 My favourite brand for foundations are Revolution as they never fail to disappoint, they are constantly 
releasing new products and they're amazing quality. At the moment I'm still loving the conceal and 
hydrate foundation. This is a medium to full coverage dewy foundation that is most beneficial for normal 
to dry skin, for an all day radiance without settling into fine lines or pores. I love using this as it's super 
hydrating on my skin, gives a flawless appearance, isn't thick or heavy and lasts all day long. 

When it comes to concealer I use a combination of 2 to get the perfect consistency and coverage whilst 
illuminating my face. I use the Revolution XX super fix concealer as it's hydrating for my under-eye area 
which helps to avoid looking thick or heavy, as well as being the perfect shade for illuminating and 
brightening the centre of my face to help me look more awake. Although this has amazing coverage I like 
to use a small amount of the Collection lasting perfection concealer for added coverage and intensity. 

Although my base is complete, it's just as important to make sure it lasts all day. I use the Loreal true 
match powder, as it sets everything in place and makes it last all day whilst also adding a small amount of 
coverage without looking cakey. I then also use the Loreal glow mist to make sure my makeup stays in 
place and doesn't budge throughout the day.

Using these 6 products from the drugstore to create and achieve a flawless base costs me less than £50. If I 
were to buy high end makeup I would be paying around that for a full coverage foundation. A lot of 
drugstore and high end brands are under the same manufacturers and created in the same lab, meaning that 
the majority of the time you are paying for the name of the brand rather than the product. Check out what's 
at your local drugstore first before hopping over and purchasing from your favourite high end brand.



  1. Drugstore products can be amazing!
    I really need to try Revolution foundation, I love their concealer x

    1. Revolution is seriously so incredible! Their foundations are my favourite though x

  2. I swear by drugstore make up for everyday use! My skin loves higher end but my purse does not. Since I've been stuck at home I've missed a lunch break trip to Boots so much!

    1. Yes definitely agree with that! I've just been shopping online more than I should admit x

  3. You know I used to use primer all the time but never reach for any these days,I do have a few I should use up so I might bring some out.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

    1. I can't do my makeup without using a primer! x

  4. I still need to try the putty primer, it sounds so good.

    Gemma Louise

  5. So many great picks, L'Oreal is definitely a drugstore fave of mine

  6. Love these suggestions! Drugstore products are great finds!

  7. Replies
    1. OMG it is so good, can't believe how incredible it is for the price too x