Dating in a world of technology

When you get into a relationship you think that's going to be it. You don't think you'll date again, and 
you'll be with that person for the rest of your life. A lot of the time that is not the case. Whether thats 
a good or bad thing in your life, I'm a huge believer in everything happens for a reason (even if you 
don't know why at the time). I've been single for a few months now, and there's a lot I've learnt about 
dating and also how dating in a world where social media is constantly progressing looks.

When I first got in a relationship I was 17 so I was never on any dating sites until recently. And wow 
that's an experience. I've tried out quite a few and also deleted most of them. Tinder is definitely for 
those who are just wanting hook ups, yes you can find relationships but I feel like that's less than 5% 
of people who are on there. Bumble and hinge are the same but I find that people are more up front 
with what they are looking for and are after there, rather than just wanting sex. Out of all of these I 
actually found POF (plenty of fish) to be the worst. It gave me such weird vibes being on there and 
the amount of weird pick up lines and conversation starters I got was insane! There's definitely a 
stigma about being on dating sites, especially multiple at once. Mainly that you're either looking for 
one night stands and hook ups or are so desperate for a relationship. I don't think you have to be 
either. Dating is fun, and as long as you're happy I don't think anyone should have a problem with it.

This is by far the best and worst stage, I think. When you match with someone and you start to talk 
you get the butterflies and excitement of getting to know someone and it all being new, but then also 
comes the times when you struggle to make conversation and before you know it, everything has just 
fizzled out. Because of how these dating apps work, a lot of the time a conversation will lead to sex. 
Yes sex is great, and I love talking about it, but please do not mention it within the first few days of 
talking to you and then send me a surprise picture on my phone and expect me to react to it! Since 
being single though I've found that a lot of people use other forms of social media, such as Facebook 
and Instagram, to get to know someone and meet them rather than matching on a dating site.

If you are lucky enough to hit it off with someone, and aren't currently in a worldwide pandemic and 
national lockdown, then you might find yourself going on a date. I guess I would say I've been on 1 
date, mainly because we went out for food. However it was the most awkward experience of my life 
that I made an excuse that I lost my house key, as to why he couldn't come back to mine. At the 
minute we are on lockdown, so going on dates isn't happening at all. However I know the next 
time I do it'll be with someone worth it, which is the most important part.

Overall I find dating in todays society, that is full of technology, really odd. Yes it's convenient and 
easy but I'm a old romantic and love the idea of meeting someone without technology and having the 
typical 'movie' romance. People don't send flowers or open the car door for your anymore, because 
we've just got so lazy and it's easier to get someone else to do it or not do it at all. Dating as whole is 
an interesting topic and time in anybodies life and I guarantee that a lot of people will have some sort 
of cringey/awkward dating story from some point in the lives, we're all just on the journey together.



  1. I think dating is just shit these days, dating apps are full of creeps and no guys ever introduce themselves or try and get to know someone in person! I give up with it all, I prefer being single haha.

    Gemma Louise

    1. Usually just try to jump in at the deep end don't they x

  2. I think dating is so awful and pressurised into sex these days. I met Harry on tinder but I was so close to giving up with them at this point

    1. Sex is the cherry on top but should never be the main foundation x

  3. Good luck with it, dating online is an absolute mind field. I found Bumble to the be nicest of them all.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

    1. I've found that too, a lot of them try to overly complicate things x

  4. date sites are just sooooo weird to me - tried it a few times when I was single and hated it haha x

    1. They're definitely an interesting experience x

  5. I've never used a dating site and I'm kind of glad I haven't because the thought of creepy men (not all of them) freaks me out a little bit. I feel like our generation is now all about sex, which is fine. But not if you want a serious relationship xx

    Megan Elizabeth

    1. So many people say they want a relationship, but turns out they just want sex

  6. I actually work in online dating and this is a really interesting read! I think there's lots to be said about meeting someone in real life and having that spark but we know that can't happen right now. I know many many success online dating stories and loads of good sites to join if you want any ideas!