Twenty one

Twenty one. The official start of my 20's. On Tuesday I turned 21. The age everyone looks forward 
too. It almost feels like a new start for me and one that I am definitely in need off. With everything 
going on currently, I wasn't able to celebrate in the way I would've liked, however I was surrounded 
by my family which I am super grateful for and to be able to have around me. 

20 was an add age for me. Instead of spending it going out every weekend, partying and having more 
hangovers than imaginable I spent a lot of it locked away. Hiding from the outside world, battling 
with my inner demons. Being 20 was definitely my darkest of times but also filled with some 
amazing memories such as; getting engaged and getting a puppy, visiting Amsterdam and furthering 
my career. The outcomes might not have been what I expected, but I don't regret the journey. 

There's so much I want to achieve in the next decade. I hope to get married and have children, the 
'typical' goals. But I also hope to travel and see parts of the world and continue to work on myself and 
my mental health. Surround myself with people who want to know me and are good for me, rather 
than people who are manipulative. I hope I become more educated, because with everything going on 
throughout the world and society, we don't have room for lack of knowledge. I hope that, not only the 
next decade of my life is filled with laughter and happy memories but also the next year of my life. 

I will continue to be myself, and the best version of myself. 



  1. Massive Happy Birthday!! 21 was my favourite year, I accomplished so much and I really found myself!

    1. Thank you! Hopefully I will too, once everything blows over x

  2. Happy birthday, here’s to the next decade being wonderful!

  3. Happy Birthday! I hope you had a lovely day :)
    Amy x
    The July Rose

  4. Aww 21 is an amazing age. Enjoy every day of it xx

    Megan Elizabeth