Gift guide - stocking fillers

There's something about opening a stocking on Christmas Day and opening all the little presents 
that makes the day even more special. Personally I prefer receiving a stocking over other gifts. My 
stocking was always on my door and Christmas morning it would be overflowing with gifts from 
Father Christmas. I try to keep the tradition the same, but presents seem to get smaller yet more 
expensive as we get older. Since me and Liam got together I started doing him a stocking too, since 
he's never had one and I get so happy to see him open it come Christmas Day. Liam is the only 
person I have to buy stocking fillers for, but I wanted to include a range of gifts for different people.

I always start with the basics. Shower gel, shampoo, razors, hairspray, body mists etc. When it comes 
to men, lynx is always my go to. Boots currently have a 3 for 2 offer on all of their Christmas 
products, and lynx have some amazing gift sets out ranging from £2 - £10. Boots have also recently 
started stocking Harry's products which are a perfect stocking stuffer to make sure the men in your 
life are groomed and well kept. Both a life choice and a hint! Ted Baker also sell some amazing 
perfumes, that you can get in a variety of sizes depending on your price range. I love Mia and Polly.

This year I've noticed so many shops have bought about small, under £5, games for Christmas. I'm a 
huge game lover and a game night is the way to my heart. I definitely went overboard when picking 
these up but they are so easy to give as gifts and are even perfect for a Secret Santa. Marks and 
Spencer's have an incredible range this year from; meme machine, kids vs adults and pecking order
My go to place of any small games or gifts that might be on the more 'gimmicky' side is 100% 
Wilkos. They have a Gimmiz range which has a wide variety of stocking filler gifts for different ages. 
I think my favourite items from Wilkos this year have to be there ridiculously affordable festive drink 
range. They have everything from coffee syrups, festive hot chocolate flavours and a festive tea set.

Other gifts to mention are; a tweezer or pamper set, headphones, slipper socks, and comical books.

If you are ever stuck for ideas on what to get someone, a sheet mask will never fail you. There are 
hundreds of thousands available on the market ranging in prices and luxury as well as target range. I 
love the My Mood sheet mask, because they are not only really cute but they are work incredibly well 
on the skin. Another skincare favourite that I don't think you can go wrong with is the Dr Paw Paw 
multipurpose balm. I own 4 tubes of this because I love it so much, and the original is still my 
favourite. This can be used on your lips, hair, skin, nail and so many more places. Truly is a cult 
favourite product and a staple in my life. It's so affordable and makes a perfect gift.

What is your favourite part about Christmas?



  1. You have picked out some lovely things here. I have fallen into the Boots trap this year again, they have had some great offers.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

    1. They're amazing aren't they! Always have so many great options x

  2. This is such a great selection! I love the dr paw paw x

    Joyce |

  3. I just love buying stocking fillers haha I always go overboard x

  4. Some fab gift ideas here! I love Dirty Works and I also really like the look of those sheet masks too x

    1. Sheet masks have become my favourite, so I'm trying to get everyone else to love them just as much too x

  5. I love stocking fillers, it's so fun filling Reubens and finding cheap bits and bobs!

    Gemma Louise

  6. I absolutely love stocking fillers and buying them for others! These are some really good picks, I'm off to have a nosy at M&S now!
    Soph - x

    1. M&S is the best place for stocking filers, they often have deals on too x