Getting a puppy - what to know

I really wish that there was a post like this for me to read before getting a puppy. There are so many 
different aspects to know and take into consideration before getting a puppy including both the 
financial and mental side of it. My life has completely changed since getting Eddie, and I wouldn't 
change it for the world, but this post would have been perfect for me to read beforehand.

Since I talk so openly about mental health, both in general but also in my own personal experiences, 
it is a large factor to take into consideration when getting a puppy. For so long after my family dog 
passed away, I longed for another puppy. I always felt so at ease around dogs and couldn't wait for the 
day I got to my own dog. I definitely didn't realise how hard work a puppy would be and wished I 
knew the emotional toll it would have on me. A puppy is very much like a baby. They don't really 
know what to do, they're dependant on you, require a lot of attention and will misbehave, such as 
weeing everywhere and biting people. Having time for yourself and trying to get things done can be a 
very difficult thing to do, until you get into a routine. The first week of having Eddie was the hardest.

I stopped eating, drinking, showering and general everyday things, because I didn't have a routine 
with Eddie, but I also couldn't wrap my head around taking care of a living breathing animal. Before 
getting a puppy or animal of any kind, the biggest factor to consider is your mental health, state and 
wellbeing. Put yourself first because you matter the most both now and in the long run.

Before getting a puppy I didn't realise how much money would be spent on him. Before we picked
Eddie up I made sure that we had everything for him; food, treats, bed, bowls, toys etc. Since then 
I've spent everyday looking at new items to buy that I never noticed before. He's got so many toys 
that suit his every mood and season, treat tins and jars, personalised items with his names on. 

Although he doesn't need any of this, it's nice to treat him to these things but also myself. In the 5 
weeks we've had him, every week he's had something new arrive or being purchased for him. I would 
recommend setting a budget for the amount you would like to spend on purchasing/adopting the 
puppy itself, as well as money aside for accessories, toys and general puppy products.

Comfortable bed
Training mats
Food/water bowl
Variety of treats
Teething toys
Soft toys
Rope toys
Puppy milk
Small collar
Non-retractable lead
Retractable lead
Dry/wet food

Themed toys
Treat tin/jar
Hi-vis collar/harness
Seasonal treats
Play pen
Toy baskets
Treat dispenser



  1. He is so cute! Pets are expensive, and require a lot of dedication, I cannot imagine life without my two dogs. My pomeranian is currently going for weekly physio after a knee op, it never really ends, they even go for dental check ups annually, but it is so worth it!

    1. Definitely worth it, just a lot of hard work x

  2. such a helpful post if people are considering getting a puppy x

  3. He is gorgeous!! I bet this will such a helpful post for anyone looking to get one in the future X

    Kate |

    1. Thank you and I hope so. I definitely could have done with something like this beforehand x

  4. This is a really helpful post for people thinking about getting a puppy!
    He is absolutely beautiful x

  5. He is absolutely gorgeous! I don't own a dog myself but I do know that they are hard work xx

    Megan Elizabeth

    1. Thank you! I knew it would be hard work but nobody talks about the affect they have on your mental health, sometimes for the worse, even if it's temporary x