4 carry on travel essentials that are most needed

Im not a keen flyer and I don't travel a lot. In fact I've only ever been on a plain 5 times in my life.
From the first time I ever went abroad to the most recent, I've learned a lot about what to pack and not
to pack, but even more so with your hand luggage. Each flight is different, especially if you're doing a
long-haul flight, however I've narrowed down to 4 absolute essentials for your travel carry on bag. 

These are probably really common to a lot of people, but they are the items that are most needed. 
Because these are so common and basic to bring, that often means they are forgotten or overlooked, 
but if I only had to bring 4 things with me on a flight, these would be the 4 I choose.

Whether you're on a flight for an hour or 7, you will find yourself bored twiddling your fingers. Even
if I haven't read all year long, I will still bring a book along to pass the time. If I'm going away for a
week I'll bring about 3 books, for the plane but also time spent round the pool. Something I've also
enjoyed bringing with me on holiday is puzzle books. Again the same concept, but keeps your mind
active and before you know it, the plane is landing.

Even though I find it extremely hard to sleep on the plane, because of the lack of room but also
surrounded by complete strangers, I found that this year I loved having my neck pillow. On the way
out we had a late flight, and although I was awake it was nice to have something to lean on and relax.
I bought this from TK-MAXXX for £8.99, and loved that it was both velvet but also memory foam. I
would personally recommend a memory foam neck pillow over, the ones filled with beads as they last
a long longer and are much comfier to use and sleep on.

For so many years I would bring in-ear headphones on holiday and my ears would be so sore and red
after having them in for hours. They would always fall out, the sound wasn't that great and they were
quite painful. At Christmas my boyfriend bought me the JVC wireless headphones, and they are
honestly so incredible that I knew they'd be coming away with me. The speakers are cushioned and
sit so comfortably on your ears, that you forget they're their. I also recommend wireless headphones
as it saves cables getting tangled everywhere and they're easier wear when moving around.

I never used to understand why people bought socks with them when flying but now I get it. Why
have your shoes on for hours if you don't have too. You might be thinking why fluffy socks, but even
if you're travelling in the Summer or the plane it boiling, your feat will appreciate the softness of the
socks and they also help get cosy if you want to sleep. I now can't fly without fluffy socks.



  1. A Book is a must when travelling I expect. It would definitely keep your mind occupied. I love the idea of the neck pillow too x

    Lauren | www.bylaurenmay.com

  2. your neck pillow is sooooo pretty! mine's a hideous grey one haha gonna be on the lookout for a pink one now x

  3. Honestly I can imagine these are essentials but not when you have a toddler!! ����‍♀️ no chance of reading a book I tell you!

    Gemma Louise

  4. I've never tried one of the neck pillows but they look so comfortable! I always forget to pick one up but will try and remember for my next flight! Xx

  5. I always take a neck pillow when I fly! I get so moody without it haha xx

    Maiya | www.maiyabellexo.co.uk

    1. I couldn't imagine travelling without one now x

  6. I have thought about purchasing a neck pillow too, are they really that good? I have been sceptical but when I flew recently quite a few people had them.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

    1. I was exactly the same. But after purchasing and using one I don't know how I went on a plane without one. A lot of the time I use it for my back to since plane seats are always uncomfortable. Definitely recommend purchasing one x