My best beauty finds on Amazon

Amazon is my number 1 shop for everything, but I especially love finding beauty tools and makeup on there and the majority of the time they are cheaper. I always find myself with a list of things that I definitely don't need but somehow can't imagine life without them beforehand. Amazon definitely isn't just my favourite place, but it's a lot of other peoples too I wanted to share my favourite beauty finds with you, so you can go out and pick them up for yourselves - you wont regret it!

This tiny gardening looking item comes in handy more than you can imagine. I personally have really long hair that tends to fall out a lot, which has led to my hairbrush looking like I don't have any hair left. The problem with this is that there always seem to be hair left in the brush even after I've pulled it out and cleaned it. The metal springs on this allows for the hair to be caught under and scrapped
out - leaving your hair brush looking good as new (well as close too it).

It wasn't until I got this that I realise how much I was missing out before, and it's such a simple thing. You fill it with your nail polish remover and when it comes to using it, instead of tipping it over and having the lid of, you just place a cotton pad on top, push down and it's done. The best part of this for me is I always used to spill my nail polish remover over and this stops that from happening! 

I have always hated applying face masks with my hands as it leaves them sticky and I wear false nails which means I get it all down them too. For years now I have just been using a regular cheap foundation brush (clean of course), and noticed it always got clumpy and thick no matter how many times I cleaned it out. I saw someone on Youtube using a silicone one and thought I would try it for myself. I love this and don't know why I didn't buy it sooner - I still get to apply my face masks with a brush rather than my hands, but it doesn't get clumpy and it's 10x easier to clean. 

To be honest I don't know why I bought this because I don't wear false eyelashes, but it's one of those things that when I didn't have it I needed it, and now that I do have it I don't need it! Typical! I'm always one of those girls who puts the pair of tweezers too close to their eye and nearly injures myself, but this takes away that risk. It is specifically designed to be around the eye area making it not only functional and easy but also safe. It's used to grab the false eyelashes, apply to the lash line and pinch your natural lashes with the false ones to make them look as good as possible. 

This is definitely the simplest yet silliest finds that I have.  This is basically the exact same as an egg cup, but instead it's used for your beauty sponges. Personally I think this is one of those 'Princess products' - something you definitely don't need but you want. There are a lot of germs on the surface (especially where we do our makeup) and this allows our makeup sponge to be kept away from that but still in reach, so we aren't getting bacteria onto our skin, causing possible breakouts.

Eyelash comb
I've had one of these for what feels like ever, but after being without one for a few months I quickly realised how much I do need an eyelash comb in my life. No matter when or what mascara I'm wearing they always get a clump in them, even if it's tiny. I like the look of natural, feathery eyelashes and with this eyelash comb I can achieve this. I use this as soon as I've put my mascara
on so they don't dry with clumps in, but I also use it once they've dried to achieve my desired look!

What are you favourite beauty finds on Amazon?
Let me know in a comment down below.


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