Secret Santa gifts - Blogmas day 15

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If you have never heard of secret Santa then you must be living under a rock or just really hate Christmas! Secret Santa is essentially where a group of 3 or more people, randomly choose names out of a hat and buy a gift for that person. The majority of secret Santa gifts are silly or small presents that cost under £10. Personally I've never participated in secret Santa, but I have compiled a list of ideas of gifts that would work great for this occasion. 

If you have chose a person whom you don't know anything about as your secret Santa person, then a great gift to get is a small gift set. Dove, Nivea and Lynx do gift sets that are under £10 which is the perfect price range as well as being a super useful and much needed gift.

One of my favourite gifts to give to anyone is a festive mug filled with goodies such as; hot chocolate, fluffy socks or face masks. This is essentially a pamper night in a gift. My favourite mugs are the Christmas dining range from Asda, with their 3D festive mugs that I have now took to collecting. These make great gifts as everyone loves a cosy pamper night in. 

When it comes to finding appropriate and affordable gifts for people, it can be very difficult. My go to present for when this happens is gift cards. Giving someone a gift card often seems lazy and unthoughtful, but would you rather give someone a gift card that they can use and spend on something they love or a gift that they aren't ever going to use? I'd rather receive a gift card.

A silly but well appreciated gift to give when participating in secret Santa is chocolate or sweets. There is truly nothing better than receiving £10's worth of Christmas chocolate as a gift. Definitely the most appreciated gift during this holiday season.

What are some of your secret Santa gift ideas?
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