Sunday morning routine

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Lately I have been in a bit of a blogging slump and have been struggling to think of ideas to
blog about. I was browsing other peoples blogs and came across Poppy Deyes sunday morning routine. I loved the idea and since Sunday is the best day of the week, I wanted to do my take on
it. So yes, this blog post is very much inspired by Poppy. 

Sundays are so underrated, but they have become my favourite day of the week. Not only do I find it  the most chilled out and relaxed day of the week, but it also feels the slowest so I have time to get things done and achieve everything I want and need to in the day. The ultimate day is Sunday.

10 am - I don't like to set alarms on days when I don't have any specific plans, and Sundays are
no exception. I typically like to wake up around 10am, as it gives me a little bit of a lie in, but I haven't missed the whole day. The first thing I do after I wake up is lie in bed and catch up on social media and see what has been happening whilst I've been asleep. If I'm hungry, which I'm usually
not, then I will have breakfast around this time as well whilst watching The Big Bang Theory on Netflix as my go to TV show.

10.30am - This time in the morning I like to slip on something comfy and warm to wear, and typically I go downstairs and socialise with my parents or Liam's parents, depending on where I am spending the weekend. I like to wait about 30 minutes before presenting myself to the world, as
I am a seriously moody morning person!

11am - At this point I still am yet to get dressed but I have made my bed and turned on my laptop
ready to start the day. Making my bed is one of the most beneficial parts of my routine, as it leaves my room looking nice and tidy but also reduces my anxiety as I know everything is organised. 

11.30am - After many minutes deciding to get up it is around this time I like to get ready for the
 day. Unless I have plans I will always be in leggings and a baggy t-shirt, as it's a comfy but presentable outfit. If I'm wearing makeup I will do this and my hair, if not it's a messy bun day! 

12pm - By lunchtime I have already started catching up on YouTube videos, organising and cleaning my room or doing blog activities for the week ahead. If I am with my boyfriend, Liam, then we will sit and watch Pretty Little Liars (I got him into it and he loves watching it!!) together and then possibly socialise in the evening with family or friends.

Sunday mornings I typically like to relax and catch up on tasks I've missed or forgotten to do throughout the week. Overall I don't really do anything on Sundays, but afterwards I feel super
productive and excited for the rest of the day and what is to come. 

What is your Sunday morning routine like?
Let me know in a comment down below.


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