Breathable lasting finish foundation

Being the makeup lover that I am I have never been so drawn in through an advert, until I saw Cara Delevinge using the new Rimmel lasting finish breathable foundation. The reason I was so drawn into this foundation is because of the applicator. Instead of the average pump that is used to extract product ready for application, this has a wand applicator to apply straight to the face. I have not used a foundation or any product like this, so I was definitely intrigued to find one from the high street.

Rimmel foundations are some of my favourites from the drugstore, as they have foundations for each skin type and have a good colour selection to choose from. This foundation in particular intriguing because it claims to have a medium coverage whilst being breathable, which you don't often see. 

I got the shade light porcelain, as I am quite pale but I thought if it was too light then it I can use
my bronzer and blush to add more colour back to my skin. As this has a wand to apply the foundation it makes it easy to have full control over how much product you are using, and makes it easier to build up for a higher coverage.

This foundation claims to last 25 hours, which I can't give my opinion on. I have worn this all day for 10+ hours, but I have never wore this for a full 25 hours as I simply don't wear makeup for that long. 

If you have a fairer skin tone then I would recommend trying out the Rimmel foundations as they do have a good light shade range. I would also recommend this if you don't like to feel like you are wearing makeup and nothing heavy is sitting on your skin. This can be found at Boots or Superdrug for only £8.99 as well as the matching concealer for £5.99.


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