Fit Me Foundation

Maybelline isn't a brand that I usually gear towards for foundation, but when I started hearing 
people talk about how good the Maybelline fit me foundation was I knew I had to try it.
I have quite dry skin and love the dewy look, so when people started talking about 
how this gave the skin a beautiful glowy and dewy skin that was what made me want
to try it the most. Not only that but because it is also from the drugstore.

I originally picked this up in shade 115 ivory which I thought was my shade as it was
the lightest one available, however when I tried it on my skin I soon realised it
was too orange for me. I then found out that there was a lighter shade in 110 porcelain 
available but I could only get it from Amazon. I quickly purchased it but I then realised 
that, that shade was still too dark for me. 

Despite the colour range not having a very good selection for pale or dark skin,
it does have a beautiful dewy finish that looks natural on the skin. As the foundations
are too dark for me, even in the lightest shade, I had to buy a white foundation 
from manic panic, also on Amazon, to mix in so it matches my skin tone. Even
with the white foundation mixed in, it still gives the same finish to the skin.

If you have more dry or normal-dry skin then I would recommend this, however
if you are oily then I defenitley wouldn't as it wouldn't sit right on your
skin and would make your skin look a lot more oily. I also wouldn't recommend 
this to people with porcelain or dark skin as the colour range is awful.
On a scale of 1-10 I would give this a 6. This is mainly because 
the colour range is really bad but however it does have a great finish.


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