The Best of Real Techniques

Doing my makeup with my hands has always been quite a challenge, although everyone says it's easier. Because of this I have to make sure that the brushes I use don't shed, hold the product without build
 up and do what they actually claim to do. I remember the first Real Techniques brush that I got. My 
Auntie bought it for me and it was the expert face brush. Since then I have been hooked. For Christmas
 I got the Core Collection and Starter Kit, and they have forever changed my makeup routine. 
The Starter Kit comes with  5 eye brushes ranging from, shadow to brow to liner. Out of the 5 there 
are 3 that are my favourites. The first is the base shadow brush. This is the perfect shape and size 
that isn't too big or too small and isn't too dense or to flimsy. When I use this on my lid is applies the 
perfect about of shadow without it getting above my crease and all over the place. 

I also love accent brush from the Starter Kit. When I first saw this brush I had no idea what I would use 
it for because of how small it is. I realised that it would be the perfect size for applying highlighter to the 
inner corner and the brow bone. This applies the perfect about of highlight without looking too
 overpowering whilst also giving the eyes a pop.

 For such a long time I have been using the eyeliner brush from the ELF essentials range to do my 
eyebrows because it is completely flat so it applies the right amount of product to my brows. Since trying 
the brow brush from the Real Techniques Starter Kit it has made my brows look so much defined 
and a lot sharper. Because it is an angled brush it allows you to have so much control over what shape
you want and how much product you want to apply without being too dark or too light.

From the Core Collection there are 4 face brushes that can be used for foundation and concealer.
My first favourite from this Collection is the buffing brush. I have heard so many people
talk about this brush and I am now so glad that I have it in my possession. It reminds me a lot
of the expert face brush, but this one is a bit bigger and isn't as dense. I love this for
applying my foundation because it covers a lot of my face in one go which means doing my
makeup doesn't take as long. I also like this because it doesn't hold all the foundation in the bristles.

When I first saws the contour brush I had no idea how that would work for contouring as the
brushes I had been using before for contouring had a lot slimmer shape and would give a sharp
defined look. However this brush works better than the brushes I was using before. Because 
it is slightly bigger/fluffier it gives the sharp defined look whilst blending it out at the same 
time so it doesn't look super harsh and fake. 

My all time favourite Real Techniques brush has got to be the setting brush. I own 2 of these
because they are great for using different things. I use one for setting my under eye
concealer with powder so it lasts longer and doesn't crease. I also one for applying highlighter
to the high points of my face. Because it is a tapered and small brush it adds the perfect
amount of highlighter that looks natural but adds the right amount of glow.

The blush brush is also another one of my favourites. All the blush brushes I was using
before I always found were too small and made my blusher way too harsh. When
I saw this I had to try it because it is super fluffy whilst tapered. This allows you to have 
all the control and adds the product to the cheeks exactly where you want it to.

Finding a powder brush has also always been a challenge because they either apply way too 
much product or none at all. Because of the size and density it holds the correct
amount of powder and doesn't make the skin look too dry. I have normal to dry skin but for
some reason if I don' set my foundation then it separates, so finding the right powder
brush for me was a necessity.


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