Eyes Are The Window

This has got to be one of the most beautiful palettes that I own, not only for the colours but also 
because of the absolutely beautiful packaging! I got this as a Christmas present from my
 nan and I chose it out myself and as soon as I saw this I knew that I wanted it.

There were 2 to chose from on the Stila makeup stand in Soul and Sprit. Soul has
 more neutral warm tone colours. Sprit has more cool tones neutrals. I was really 
stuck on which one I wanted. I decided to go for Sprit as one of the shadows is in Kitten, 
which is one of the most popular shades from Stila. I also loved how it has
 lighter cool tone shades as a lot of my shadows are warm tones.

This comes with 12 shades including a great highlight, a transition shade and a
beautiful burgundy shade that will look great for this time of year. It contains 10 
shimmery/iridescent shades and only 2 matte shades. It also comes with 
a mini booklet that includes 3 different eye looks transferring from day - night.
This can be found from a variety of department stores for around £30.


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