Battle of the Brow Kits

This is going to be the start of a new series that will take place every other week 
going into next year, where I give mini reviews of products and comparing them next
to each other to find the best possible items.

Brows have quickly become a big rage and staple in everyone's makeup routine. I love 
trying and buying new brow kits and products to see what will work best for me.

This is the newest brow kit that I bought which is the Tanya Burr ultimate brow kit which can be
found at Superdrug and on for £6.99. This comes with a highlight shade which is
used for highlighting the brow bone to tie the whole brow look together, along with a light brown shade
best for blondes, both a warm and cool toned medium brown great for brunettes and also a mini
eyebrow brush and a small pair of tweezers. This is one of my favourite brow kits out of all of them
because the light brown shade works for my blonde hair, and doesn't make them look to dark,
too orange or to ashy. Overall I would 100% recommend this for people with light or blonde hair.

I think this was one of the first brow kits that I purchased and I absolutely loved it when I first started
using it. This is the Seventeen brow's that brow kit that can be found at boots for £5.99.This comes
with a dark brown creme/wax, a medium brown, a highlight shade, a  medium toned brown
brow pencil along with a mini eyebrow brush (which I have lost). I originally really liked this
 because it came with a powder, highlight and a pencil, however I now realize that the medium
brown is too dark and intense to use because of my hair. I also don't understand the idea
behind putting a colour creme/wax in the kit along with a powder in which is lighter. Overall I 
would recommend this to people with darker/brunette hair, but wouldn't recommend it to people
with lighter hair as there is not a brow colour that it suited for that particular hair shade.

This is the Collection work the colour eyebrow kit which can be found from many stores
including boots and superdrug for around £3.99. This comes with a dark brown, medium brown
and a really light brown, along with a mini eyebrow brush and a brow gel in which I have used up.
This eyebrow kit is mainly talked about for the eyebrow gel that it comes with as it sets the brows
in place all day without them moving, but unfortunately can only be found in this kit and not sold on it's
own. For the specific eyebrow shade that I like this doesn't provide a powder for me. The dark and medium
brown is too harsh on my face and the light brown is too light for my hair. Overall this isn't a brow kit
that I would recommend unless you have brunette hair or like an intense brow look.

This is by fair my favourite brow kit, and I love it that much that I actually have 2. This is the
Beauty UK high brow eyebrow kit, that can be found at superdrug for £4.99. This comes
with a a light brown shade, a medium brown shade, a black, a wax, a mini eyebrow brush and a 
mini pair of tweezers. I love this kit not only because is suited for everyone with all different eyebrow
and hair shades, but also because it comes with a wax that is used for setting the brows either before
or after using the powder. I also love this because it comes with the perfect shade for blondes, which
is the hardest shade to find. Overall I would 100% recommend this to anyone who is looking for a
great brow kit and either wants something affordable or is interested in finding something from the drugstore.


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