October Favourites

October has gone by quite fast. Maybe it is because the days are shorter because it's getting 
darker sooner or maybe it's because every month seems to fly by lately. I wanted to share
 just a  few of my favourites with you for the month of October.

The Can't Sleep Colouring Book -  I know this is a really weird favourite to have but I've seen these every where lately and I have wanted to get one for a while now. I finally purchased one at the beginning of the month and the main reason was because it distracted me from my anxiety and it also helps me to fall asleep when I can't at night. I particularly love this one because it has interesting designs in it and they're simple to colour, without getting even more stressed or angry!

We're The Millers -  I know that this is another slightly weird favourite but I have watched this twice within about a week of seeing it, and it has already become one of my favourite films of all time. I'm not going to give the plot of the film as I go into way to much depth and spoil the entire film but it is super funny and has a great cast and story line to it that isn't overly funny to the point of boredom or super soppy either.

Maybelline 24 hour Colour Tattoos -  I have quite a collection of these now, 9 to be exact, and I absolutely love them. I purchased 3 more at the end of the September and have been using 2 in particular. The first shade is creme de nude which is a pale skin like shade which is great to use to intensify darker colours. The other shade is creme de rose which is more of a pink/brown neutral shade that is great to use daily.

Lush Tea Tree Toner Water -  I went to re-purchase this about 2 months ago but they were out of stock so I purchased breathe of fresh air, which unfortunately dried out my skin. When I got this I noticed such a big difference in my skin. Mainly that it was more refreshed and is helping to tone down and reduce the likelihood of spots/blemishes breaking through to the surface of my skin.


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