Saturday Strength #4

These are not my photos

Stretch marks, scars and tiny imperfections are something that everyone worries about at 
some point in their life. It is mainly talked about woman having insecurities, but men get 
conscious about this too but they just hide it better.

Stretch marks are a main form of puberty, but also happen in weight gain and pregnancy.
They are mainly common in women but men can get them too. Most people
are ashamed of stretch marks when they are younger or in their early teens, but
it is only recently that I have started to appreciate mine and not try to hide them. 

Feeling comfortable in your body doesn't mean that you have to have flawless skin, 
be slim and 100% perfect without any imperfections. A lot of people think that you have 
to look like what they do in the magazines to be comfortable but it is just about
being confident and love your body for what you have got. 

Scars are another thing people get anxious and insecure about. This is because 
a lot of scars are quite dark and obvious looking. I personally think that scars are a 
sign and indication of the struggles and everything that you have been through.
They identify who you are as a person, through your body.

Love yourself and your imperfections, nobody is perfect.


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