Off To College: How I'm Feeling

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If any of you know me or have read my anxiety post know that I don't do well in big crowds, 
around people or at school. Thankfully this college that I am going to is a lot smaller than a 
normal college. In my class there will be about 8-10 students and about 40 in the entire college. This is 
great for me as I have severe anxiety and don't do well in big situations.

Despite the college being a lot easier for me to handle and cope with, I am still extremely nervous
 and anxious about starting. This is because I do not know anybody who goes there which is both 
good and bad, but makes me more nervous than excited because I haven't met knew people since I
 started high school which I had friends to stay with and talk to who I already knew. 

The main thing I am looking forward to is obviously getting new stationary and back to school items,
 but I am also looking forward to studying and furthering my education in a topic which I have
 a big interest in. If you were wondering I chose to do health and social care, as it has 
a wide variety of careers that are available but also because I am not 100% positive on what I want
 to do as a job but I know that I want it to be involved around people in a form of care.

Overall I am about 80% nervous and 20% excited. I am nervous because it is a big change, with new
people and a new surrounding, however I am excited for the same reasons. On the day that this is 
published it is 2 days until I get my GCSE results, and 6 days until I go to college to
find out what level I have been placed on, my timetable and any extra information.

I am trying to keep an open mind to the overall situation as I don't have an exact understanding
of what is going to happen, which means that I have over thinking a lot and also
presuming a lot of it.


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