Instead Of Prom?

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My prom was yesterday, and if you follow me on any of my social media you might have know that I didn't upload any photos. The reason for that was because I didn't attend prom. I've had so many people ask me why I didn't go and that I will regret it later on in life. 

As most of you will know I don't do good in social situations, I don't have friends and I prefer to be alone rather than have company. Personally I didn't see the point in spending loads of money on a dress, hair, makeup, nails and arriving to prom for me not to enjoy it. So instead of prom I went shopping. I bought loads of clothes (mainly for my holiday), and spent the same amount of money that I would have on prom on clothes that I can get more use out of.

The reason I am writing this post today is because I wanted to let people know who's prom is next year or in the future, that if you're not sure on going then don't go. If you don't want to do or go somewhere don't feel like you have to be pressured because of people around you. If not going to prom is going to make you feel happier than going to prom then do what you want to do. Don't do something to make someone else happy, do what makes you feel happy, confident and comfortable.


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