ELF Cosmetics Haul

I have loved ELF cosmetics for a long time, and I really wanted to try some new things
from their website. When I got to the website it mentioned that they were no longer going to 
be re-stocking any products and that the website was closing down. So I decided to purchase
the things that I wanted now whilst I could.

A lot of the things were out of stock, but the things that I purchased I love. I am not sure
when the website is closing down but if you wanted to order anything then I would recommended 
doing it as soon as possible. Everything I purchase was on sale, from 50-70% off so I didn't pay full
price for anything. 

Studio blush palette - dark - £3.98
Mineral concealer  - light - £2.98
Mineral concealer - warm - £2.38
 Eye smudge pot - ocean bound - £1.48
Eye smudge pot - hit the town - £2.07
Tone correcting concealer - apricot beige - £0.78
Tone correcting concealer - toffee - £0.78
HD mattifying cream foundation - porcelain - £2.39
Mascara wands - £2.77
Custom eyes eye shadow - sage - £0.45
Custom eyes eye shadow - golden glow - £0.75 
Custom eyes eye shadow - dusk - £0.75
Custom eyes eye shadow - navy - £0.75
Studio single eye shadow - raspberry truffle - £2.77
Studio single eye shadow - coffee bean - £1.98
Therapeutic conditioning lip balm - strawberry creme - £0.98
Therapeutic conditioning lip balm - blackberry creme - £0.98

If you was interested in checking out ELF cosmetics then check out the website - 
www.eyeslipsface.co.uk but they are now also available on www.beautycrowd.com.


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