The Body Shop Honey Bronzer

I heard so many good things about this bronzer but never tried it until I seen it in somebody's haul video, and I thought I immediately have to buy it. The first person I heard it from was Essie Button and she constantly raves about how good it is, so I picked it up.

I picked up the shade; 'light matte'. The reason that I got this shade was because I wanted it as a really light bronzer and for it to look more natural than it look too artificial and orange toned. I have used this about 2-3 times now and I am in love without and I now understand the hype and why everybody talks about it show much.

This is the perfect shade for my skin tone, it creates the perfect natural bronzed glow and looks like you've been in the sun for a few days but not baked in the sun for a month!! I was originally hesitant to buy this when I saw the price as it was £13. The reason that I was skeptical was because I didn't want to pay that much for a bronzer that might not work. However it is now one of my best beauty products that I've purchased in a long time.

I believe this comes in 5-6 shades and the one I have is the second lightest. They have a variety of shades for a variety of different skin tones, except for if you have quite a dark skin type. The only thing I would improve on this product is that I think they should have some darker shades, and that they should lower the price to about £10 so it is a little bit more affordable or make the product bigger. Overall I would recommend this product for people who have a light to medium skin tone.


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