January Favourites

January is one of the worst moths out of the year, purely for the face that nobody has any money 
because of  Christmas, the sales are horrendous, there's nothing to look forward to and we've eaten 
so much over the December period that we don't want to see anybody again until March!!
That aside I wanted to mention a few of the products that I have been loving this
month and what has made my January a lot better. 

My personal-planner - This has been my absolute baby this month, I have taken this everywhere I go and I checked it multiple times a day. I have always wanted a planner but I never got along with this until I purchased this at the beginning of the month. This keeps me organised, knowing what meetings I have, where I have to be at what time and personal occasions. If you want a more in depth review of this then click here.

MUA undress your skin highlighter - This highlighter is the best one I have ever tried. This can be found in superdrug for £3. This comes in 2 shades (pink and gold - I have both) and this one looks the most 'natural'. It is really pigmented which is great except if you don't realize when you're doing your makeup and you go out looking like a disco ball!!! I have had this for a while now and I have only just started getting into it and I use it everyday on the high points of my face to make my face look as naturally glowy as possible.

Got 2b hair repair oil - I got this from fragrance direct earlier this month and despite only using this a few times, I am in love with it. You can use this before you wash your hair, when you hair is damp or when your hair is dry, to create a range of different styles and treatments for healthy and shiny looking hair. I personally use this when my hair is wet as I find it absorbs into the hair better and once my hair has dried it leaves it feeling super soft and silky without feeling greasy or too heavy.

Sudocrem - This is probably quite strange to include but this has helped my skin so much since I bought it only 3 weeks ago. This is targeted to help towards; nappy wash, eczema, burns, acne and more. This sort of whitens my dark spots and scaring along my chin and cheeks, but it also reduce the look of spots by drying them out if used when they first appear.

Revlon colourstay -  I tend to have a on and off relationship with different foundations, I will usually stick to one and one only for 2-3 months or until it has gone, then never use it or repurchase it again. This foundation however I have repurchased about 4-5 times. It has incredible full coverage and comes in 2 different varieties for different skin types. This can be found on the high street for about £11 and I would totally recommend it if you don't have even skin or you are looking to find a high street/drugstore full coverage foundation.

MAC creme cup cremesheen lipstick - I purchased this back in July I think and didn't really use it after I bought it, but I have recently started wearing it as I wanted to get my money's worth, plus I have a whole drawer full of lip products that I never use (for some unknown reason). I have started wearing this to school as it is a perfect pink-nude colour which is suitable, and I have been taking it with me so I can re-apply throughout the course of the school day. However it has a very strong lasting power, so I find I only have to apply it once throughout the day!



  1. It is the best one I've tried, everybody I know who has tried it absolutely loves it! I think Velvet Teddy is going to have to be my next purchase :) <3

    1. Velvet teddy is amazing!

    2. I tried to purchase that yesterday but it was out of stock, just keep eyeing up the website!