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 This is product only AD with Riley

On average women will experience around 450 periods in the lifetime, costing over £125 a year. Period 
products that are available on the high street and supermarkets are often filled with chemicals and harsh 
toxins that are very damaging to our health. Finding organic  and natural period products that are effective 
and good for you is a lot more difficult that it should be. I recently discovered Riley whom are an award 
winning period brand that provide all natural and organic period products that contain no chemicals and 
toxins, whilst being biodegradable and good for the body! 

Riley started based on the belief that our bodies deserve better. The pads and tampons contain no 'nasties'. 
This means they have no bleach, toxins, pesticides or chemicals, so you know what you are using/putting 
in your body each month. With a mission to end period plastic, their products are created using 100% 
organic cotton. Riley has stopped more than 1 million products ending up in landfill.

Riley is working hard to end period poverty and are working in Ireland and Kenya to provide period 
products to those in need. Providing over 44,000 so far and continuing to donate further. Sponsoring a 
doctor led menstruation education programme to almost 3000 Kenyan students. Riley has also partnered 
with Period Positive Ireland to end period poverty. Working alongside PPI to donate organic period 
products to the homeless, women's refugee centres and more. 

Riley has created a subscription box to make your period more convenient and take out the worry of panic 
buying at the last minute. With full control over the subscription, allowing you to cancel and reactivate, 
skip a delivery or change the date whenever you need, being perfect for those who have irregular cycles.

Riley sell a variety of sanitary towels and tampons to make sure that no matter what your needs are they 
are covered. Regular, super and super+ tampons are available with both applicators and naked. Sanitary 
towels are available in regular, super and pantyliners depending on the absorbency required. 

I chose the super pads* as I suffer with heavier periods due to having PCOS. These are made from 100% 
certified organic cotton, containing no toxins or chemicals whilst being biodegradable. These have a leak 
proof patented design with the super pads* holding up to 50 grams and the regular holding 40 grams. 

These are super comfortable to wear and you cannot feel them throughout the day, which is always the 
main concern when trying out new period products, as comfort is key. I also experienced no leakage or 
signs of leakage and didn't feel self conscious throughout the day whilst wearing these.

As well as organic sanitary towels and tampons Riley also offer a daily probiotic supplement* that helps 
to support female health. Described as your new best friend, Riley's nutritionist approved this daily 
supplement to make sure that your gut and vagina are happy and healthy. These contain a blend of 10 
diverse probiotic strains and a blend of fibre to help promote vaginal health, good digestion, a boosted 
immune system and abdominal pain relief. 

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This is an product only AD in partnership with Riley. See disclaimer page for more information.


  1. I know Riley! I think they're fab! What they stand for is brilliant and I really like the subscription service they offer too - I'm sure we've all been caught short before, so this is brill!


    1. A period subscription is perfect, so much easier and takes the hassle out of everything x

  2. I love Riley products, they're such good quality and I love everything that Riley stand for! x

    Lucy Mary

  3. I love Riley and their products. Love the ethos of the brand but the products really do speak for themselves. I have a monthly subscription!

    1. A brand with amazing morals that products work is hard to come by! x

  4. I've heard of this before and I think its such a good idea x

    1. More brands need to take inspiration for both the organic side and the subscription x