Favourite TikTok shop purchases

 It's no secret that I have become slightly obsessed with TikTok shop. Especially when it comes to makeup 
purchases. There are thousands of different shops available from household and cleaning to fashion and 
beauty. The reason I love it so much is there are always deals and offers available, saving you so much 
money! My first purchase was the viral half gallon water bottle and I have since purchased from 
Mooslover, KatchMe, Made by Mitchell and more covering fashion, beauty, household and even the 
odd children's item! If you haven't already, I highly recommend checking out TikTok Shop. 

The majority of items I've purchased from TikTok shop have gone viral, however one of my most 
favourite products is the GRAYS BABE, I'M BLUSHING BLUSH which I hadn't heard off before and 
am shocked that they don't have more hype. These glide onto the skin with a butter like formula that is 
blendable, smooth and super pigmented. Currently available in only 6 shades these can be used on both 
the cheeks and eyes to help create and endless amount of looks! 

I have lost count of how long I have been seeing everyone rave about PINK HONEY BRONZING FACE 
FROSTING and once I saw that it was on offer I knew I had to pick it up and quickly! This has been 
developed to glide onto the skin for a seamless application that buffs effortlessly into the skin to give that 
perfect glowy bronzed complexion. There is a reason this is their best selling product and went viral.

After my recent haul it's no secret that  MADE BY MITCHELL LIQUID BLURSH'S were going to be 
a favourite purchase. I picked up so many in such a short amount of time as they were having an insane 
sale and it would've been a bad decision to not make an order, or several. These blursh's are incredible 
pigmented, blendable and smooth on the skin whilst being extremely versatile with the option to be 
worn on your cheeks, lips and eyes to create an endless amount of looks depending on the desired look. 

Every time I go onto TikTok I see always see AD's and posts for PLouise and after being sucked in I have 
a small collection of the PLOUISE THE CHEEK OF IT LIQUID BLUSH'S. These have a removable 
sponge applicator for both personal and professional use as well as a more concentrated application. The 
lightweight formula provides a perfect wash of colour onto the cheeks that sits perfectly all day long. 

Out of all the purchases I've made the one that I was hesitant and thought was going to be overhyped is 
makeup routine and once you start using, you can't go back. This set of sponges is insanely soft and 
smooth, allowing you to have full control over application and blending giving an airbrushed finish.

What is your favourite TikTok shop purchase?



  1. I need to have a look at the TikTok shop more often, you've bought some great items here! x

    Lucy Mary

  2. I'm not on tiktok so this is really helpful to know what's trending. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Sounds like you've picked up some fabulous stuff! The Made by Mitchell blushes sound right up my street. Love that they're so versatile! I've not bought anything from TikTok shop before.


  4. It sounds like you've got some good stuff. I'm not a fan of TikTok so stay away from it mostly!

    Corinne x

  5. I love your TikTok shop purchases, especially the GRAYS BABE, I'M BLUSHING BLUSH, it looks amazing!

    Candice x


    1. Thank you! They are incredible. Don't get enough hype x

  6. Love your beauty items! I've NEVER bought anything from TikTok shops because I'm always worried about the end product but all of these look really great!


    1. With beauty items I'd recommend buying directly from the brands TikTok shop so you know it's genuine! Definitely recommend as they have great discounts on there x