2021 reflection and 2022 changes

My end of year break has been a bit longer than I anticipated this time. Since October I have only posted a 
handful of blogs and taken multiple breaks, which I hate doing. Truth is it's just been hard to balance a 
new job, living alone, a personal life and blogging. I've used this time to refresh and gain some motivation 
and am hoping that 2022 will be bigger and better than ever. 

At the beginning of every year I like to reflect on the previous year and create goals and resolutions for the 
year ahead. I like doing these as it helps to hold be accountable for my goals and work harder to achieving 
them. My main goals for 2022 are getting back into a routine with blogging and balancing work and my 
personal life, and putting myself first with my happiness and mental health. 

2021 was a weird one for all of us. Full of covid, face masks, social distancing and debates about vaccines. 
Covid aside, last year was a journey for me. I moved out in December of 2020 so was adjusting to being in 
a new house and making it into a home. I was in an toxic and unhealthy relationship which came to an end 
in May. Struggling with my mental health and wanting to end my life, but working through it and 
ultimately deciding to come off my medication at the end of Summer. I started a new job in May which I 
loved, however I was made redundant 4 months later. Summer was a really good time for me. I was 
comfortable living alone, going out on the weekends and seeing friends and family.

Despite being in an unhealthy relationship, we decided to give it another go and try to grow together 
despite the past. However unfortunately it came to light that we don't work together as a couple and are 
better as friends. I did and still am struggling to cope with this as there is still so much love there. 
After being without work for a month, I started a new job where I manage social media for a printing 
company. Whilst being there I have been on nights out with colleagues and grew to be apart of an industry 
which I never imagined. In November I got to watch my best friend get married and see her be happier 
than ever. I made new friends through 2021 and got to work with some amazing brands with my blog. 

2021 was a pretty slow year but I grew in ways that I couldn't imagine before. I struggled so much with 
my mental health, and went on a journey with my medication. Despite not ending 2021 in the best way, I 
am glad everything happened as it taught me so many lessons and I grew in ways I couldn't imagine. 

As of yet I don't have any plans for 2022. I would love to go on holiday and visit more places in the UK 
on weekends away. I'd love to grow my social media and finally hit 5k on Instagram, whilst working with 
more amazing brands. I'm hoping to officially get taken on at work and learn more with my role. I'm 
hoping to read more and take part in the book club, I'm apart of, get more tattoos and piercings. Something 
that's been on my list every year since I was 17 was learn how to drive. Last year I realised truly how 
much I need to drive, not only for work but also personal errands, and I'm hoping this is the year that I 
finally get to achieve that. My mental health is going to be a big priority for me and starting therapy again 
alongside increasing my medication dosage should help. 

After 8 years of posting 3 times a week, I've decided to slow down and post twice a week on my blog. I'm 
hoping this will allow me to get some of motivation back along with increasing the quality of each post. 
My aim and goals for this year are focused around myself and bettering the person I am. Over the last 2 
years I've learnt a lot and don't want to be that same person. I'm putting my mental health first and making 
sure I am truly happy. I don't want to let other people push me around and walk all over me, like I've let 
happen in the past. For the first time in a long time, I'm also happy alone and am not wanting to rush into 
anything romantically. If something happens then it happens, but I'm happy and content with things on a 
personal level if they don't. 

What are you plans for 2022?



  1. I hope you find the closure that you need in 2022, I know that's easier said than done though. I hope you have an amazing 2022 x

    Lucy Mary

  2. Sounds like you had an interesting 2021 - lots of big life changes there. I hope you give yourself credit for dealing with all that!

    Good look this year,

  3. Hope you have an amazing 2022, sounds like you definitely need it!
    Amy x

  4. I've loved seeing your growth throughout 2021 and I can't wait to see what 2022 brings you

  5. Sounds like 2021 was quite the journey for you! I'm excited to see what 2022 brings you my love. Wishing you all the luck! I'm also going down to posting twice a week. Quality over quantity for me going forward!


    1. Hoping this is the way forward for my blog! Thank you. Wishing you all the best for 2022 x

  6. Here's to 2022 and hoping it brings you everything you need!

  7. I can't wait to see what 2022 brings you! I hope you reach your social media goals, I have every faith you will!