Makeup Revolution favourites

I didn't realise how much I love Makeup Revolution until I found myself browsing their website every 
payday, with over 100 items in my wishlist. Over the years I've tried a lot of Revolution products and have 
loved so many, and since the last time I shared my favourites was 3 years ago, I decided it was time to for 
an update. There are so many to choose from that I struggled to not include them all. After what felt like 
forever, I have chose my top 5 favourite Revolution products!

My favourite thing about Revolution is that they have a lot of 'add on' brands and ranges under the 
Revolution umbrella, the newest being Planet Revolution which is clean, vegan and cruelty free cosmetics 
that are eco friendly. My personal favourite is XX Revolution, however I am most excited to try out 
Revolution Haircare and the new watermelon range from I Heart revolution. Each brand has their own 
purpose and different target, with Revolution being the main attraction. 

I also love the collaborations that Revolution do with other brands and influencers. My favourite, 
obviously being the FRIENDS collab! They are constantly releasing new products, adding brands 
on creating amazing collaborations that continue to get better each time!

Anything that hydrates my skin is a must but especially a primer as it sets the base for the rest of your 
makeup. This primer is 70% water and enriched with hibiscus extract and glycerin to smooth out and 
hydrate the skin whilst reducing the appearance of imperfections and impurities. Mixed with having a 
watermelon, raspberry and lush scent it makes for the perfect primer!

I am a sucker for a dewy foundation, especially as I have normal to dry skin. Anything that gives my skin 
some luminosity and moisture is perfect for me. This foundation is perfect for that. It has medium to full 
buildable coverage that is enriched with vitamin c and light reflecting pearl particles for the ultimate 
radiant glow looking brightened and illuminated throughout the day.

When the original 'conceal and define foundation' launched, the beauty community fell in love, as it was a 
high quality product with a drugstore price. Revolution decided to adapt and create the conceal and 
hydrate foundation, with all the benefits and qualities as the original with a more hydrating and luminous 
finish. This gives my skin a smooth radiant base that looks flawless all day long. With over a 50 colour 
shade range this is the perfect go to daily foundation.

For me a concealer must always be full coverage. I'm using it to remove the imperfections on my skin that 
my foundation didn't, so full coverage is a must. This concealer is full coverage but doesn't cake up on the 
skin and cling to any unwanted areas. As this has a creamy formula it works perfectly under the eyes to 
cover any dark circles and brighten the area to give the appearance that you actually had a full nights 
sleep. This is also enriched with hyaluronic acid to help treat and better the skin whilst wearing makeup.

Finding a good brow product is nearly impossible. The colour, formula and lasting power has to be 
perfect, and if one of those is wrong your whole brow routine is thrown off. I am constantly trying new 
brow pencils and love that this one has a paddle brush to comb through and help get a natural brow. This 
has a creamy texture that helps to get hair like strokes on the brow and allows you to have full control over 
the pencil how much definition you want. The paddle brush helps to blend the product together with your 
brows to have a natural, less harsh appearance to them.

What is your favourite Revolution product?



  1. I absolutely LOVE their concealer, it's so perfect on my skin all year round!

    1. I love it! Makes such a difference to my under eye area x