How anti depressants can affect your sex life

Being on antidepressants can affect your sex life a lot more than you realise. It can cause low libido, 
vaginal dryness and erectile dysfunction as well as making it more difficult to reach a climax, especially 
for women. Although antidepressants are to help balance out hormones for a more even and stable mental 
health, having a health sex life is really important, which is why it's so important that this is talked about 
more so less people feel alone and scared to talk to a professional about it and get something done. 

Communication is a huge key factor for this as there is always a solution. When talking about your 
concerns with a doctor they can suggest other options to prevent this and help it from taking control. 

Depending on what medication you are on, will depend on the recommend dosage. Typically the lower 
the dosage the more the 'side affects' will ease. I used to take 60mg of fluoxetine, I now only take 20mg 
and things are looking and feeling a lot better than previously. I will be the first person to admit sex is 
extremely important, for yourself and in relationships, but your mental health is more important. Don't 
reduce your dosage without talking to a medical professional first. 

As a women, reaching climax through penetration is very difficult so when mixed together with being on 
medication it can get quite frustrating. Introducing something new, such as toys, brings a new level of 
excitement and will often help you to climax quicker and more often. Toys I recommend include; Tracy's 

Hearing and accepting that it might not be a side affect of your medication can be difficult as it means 
that there's another reason. There can be plenty of reasons such as; hiding and not being comfortable with 
your sexuality, your sexual partner, stress or alcohol and drugs. When talking to someone, a medical 
professional, it's important to communicate all factors in your life to find the correct and appropriate 
solution that will work for you. 

Less stress. More sex.



  1. Interestingly, I did know this. I actually know a little bit about different kinds of medications and their effect on libido. It's a funny one with anti-depressants tho, they are so needed in so many cases but they can have such an effect on your sex life

    1. Kind of contradicts itself doesn't it. Such shame that being on medication to help can affect your life in other ways x