Being a sex positive woman

The world needs less slut shaming and double standards and start becoming more accepting. Society
hasn't caught up and doesn't know what to do with sex positive women. Just because the it features
the word positive, doesn't mean everyone else thinks so. For so many years it's been frowned up that
women enjoy sex for more than reproducing. So many women are labelled as sluts or egotistical, but
are actually quite the opposite, even though so many challenges are faced.

I briefly mentioned how women will often be 'slut shamed' but also be called names such as slags,
whores, ho's and dirty to name a few. Women are called so many names for enjoying the pleasure and
adrenaline that sex provides as well as being proud of their sexuality. This doesn't mean that if you
are sex positive you've slept with a bunch of people or even want to. You can be with 1 person or 100
people and still be a sex positive woman. Talking about sex a lot also doesn't make you sex positive.
The definition of being sex positive is having a open, happy and healthy attitude towards sex.

Women have many struggles to face, that a lot of men (not all) might not know about. Such as how
often sexual assault happens and the fear of having others think they are entitled to your body
because you are showing slightly more skin that the person next to you. Being an open sex positive
woman can be quite difficult as it gives people the option that they own our bodies. Even small things
such as an ass grab in the club or a cat call on the side of the street. We are not here to please you.
Our bodies belong to us and nobody else's. Relating to this, because sex is deemed a 'dirty' or
'derogative' it will also fall under the category of unprofessional. Like I said you can have only
been with 1 person and still be sex positive. It doesn't have to mean you aren't after anything
serious and are incapable of a serious relationship.

I feel like a lot of here the word 'sex-positive' and interpret that to mean all knowing and also bit
kinky. That is far from the truth. Yes you can be kinky and sex positive, but just because you are sex
positive doesn't mean you know everything, or are in fact any good or confident in the bedroom.
Educate yourselves on what it truly means, through research and different charities and organisations.
If you are wanting to become more sex-positive and understand more then check out this post here.



  1. You’re right - people misunderstand the term and women should not be frowned upon for being sex positive!

    1. Definitely! There's so much pressure out there, especially on women, and being sex positive shouldn't be somethings to be ashamed about x

  2. I’ve always found the double standards where sex and women are concerned frustrating, such an important post - there’s definitely a misunderstanding around sex positive women xx

    1. So frustrating isn't it. Women get branded a 'slut' men get branded a 'hero' x

  3. Omg this!!! Literally. I don't get the whole 'branding' women different to men xx

    Megan Elizabeth

  4. All I can say you go girl!! This is the kind of content I live for!

  5. yessssss!!! so important to open about sex and relationships where it's safe to be so x

    1. As long as you are being safe that's what matters x