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This is a product only AD with Smile Brilliant

Having white teeth is something i've always longed after, but especially more since social media 
became a huge part in my life. I've never had perfect teeth and after having braces for 2-3 years I 
realised I was still just as self-conscious of my teeth as I was before. Going on social media and 
seeing influencers with bright white teeth, made me want to whiten my teeth even more. I've used 
different whitening kits before, but after doing further research trays give results that last the longest. 

I was so excited when Smile Brilliant reached out to me as I have heard nothing but positive things 
about their company. After speaking back and fourth we decided that the T6 sensitive system for 
average stains, was best for me. This includes the standard kit for making your custom trays
alongside 6 whitening gel syringes and 6 desensitizing gel syringes, which retails for $179/£150.80.

I have always been self conscious of my teeth, whether that be because of how crooked they are or 
because they are slightly stained, I always hated smiling because I was worried someone would make 
a comment. Over the years I have used many whitening products including; toothpastes, strips and 
kits. I use whitening toothpaste daily, however I have never noticed a dramatic difference to come 
from it. I found the whitening strips for more on the spot results, and the led lights to be great 
however the results don't last very long. The only long lasting results I've seen from teeth whitening 
are either from paying to go to a professional dentist or kits like Smile Brilliant. I also have very 
sensitive teeth (where I have to eat pizza with a fork), so I've often been turned off by teeth whitening 
products. Smile Brilliant offer a variety of different kits depending the sensitivity of your teeth. 

When your kit arrives you will receive everything you need to create your custom trays, your syringe 
gels, instructions, a consent form and postage to send your tray impressions back. Following the 
instructions you will clean your teeth, mix together the catalyst and base paste together to create a 
new putty. You apply it to the tray, insert into your mouth making sure to to bite down for the 
instructed time for removing. Make sure to leave the impressions for a few hours and rinse with cold 
water before putting in the pre-paid postage bag along with the consent form. It is important to make 
sure that the consent form is fully completed otherwise your custom trays will not be accepted.

It is important to read through the list of ingredients, facts, testimonials, 7 things to know before buying teeth whitening and the faq to make sure you are getting a full thorough understanding.

"Prior to application brush your teeth with water (no toothpaste) and clean/dry your custom trays"
Twist and remove the cap from the syringe, use scissors to cut if necessary, but saving the cap to 
reseal afterwards. Apply a thin amount along the top and bottom tray, making sure it's not too much. 
Each syringe contains about 3-4 applications. Make sure your teeth are dry before inserting the trays. 
The gel will spread evenly over the surfaces of your teeth when the trays have been inserted. Any 
excess gel can be gently wiped away with a moist cotton bud. Leave this on for 45 minutes - 3 hours. 
Start of with smaller applications, increasing the time on each use. Only use this once per day and if 
any sensitivity occurs, consider taking shorter sessions and having days in-between applications.

"Prior to application brush your teeth as normal and clean/dry your custom trays"
Twist and remove the cap from the syringe, use scissors to cut if necessary, but saving the cap to 
reseal afterwards. Apply a thin amount along the top and bottom tray, making sure it's not too much. 
Each syringe contains about 3-4 applications. For the best results make sure your teeth are dry before 
inserting the trays. The gel will automatically spread itself over your teeth once the trays are in your 
mouth. Leave this on for 15-20 minutes. Do not rinse your mouth after removing the trays (if any gel 
is remaining spit it out into the sink), and refrain from eating food and drinking for at least 30 
minutes after removing the trays. This is best to use before bed.

Overall I used my kit for just over 1 month. I alternated between using the whitening gel and 
desensitising gel on different days to make sure I was using them both the same amount. I didn't 
know what to expect when it came to results, however I am really happy with the outcome. My teeth 
were slightly stained before, which my dentist told me is perfectly normal, however it was always 
something I was self conscious about. After the first few time of using the whitening gel, I started to 
notice a difference in the brightness of my teeth, and so did the people around me. Since finishing the 
course I have become more confident with my smile and don't feel self conscious about people 
looking at my teeth. I am beyond pleased with the results and couldn't have expected any better. 
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For your chance to win a T3 sensitive tray set you must;
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Must live in the US, UK, Australia or Canada

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This is an product only AD in partnership with Smile Brilliant. See disclaimer page for more information.


  1. These sound fab - I really need to whiten my teeth! x

    1. It's incredible, I hope you check out the giveaway x

  2. Sounds great, I would like my teeth to be whiter too. I'm always worried about doing things like this though outside of the dentist.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

    1. I was too, but this is a fraction of the price for the same results! x

  3. Ooh I saw these on your insta and had a nose.. I have done short term teeth whitening before but I am after a long term result now! Your result is amazing!

  4. Wow they look amazing! I've recently been using a kit similar to this one but I find that the results don't really stay! x

    1. So pleased with the results! Make sure you enter the giveaway for a chance to win x

  5. I really need to invest in a teeth whitening kit, it's been ages since I did mine.

    Gemma Louise