Makeup I forgot I loved

Every few months I declutter my makeup collection. I went from having so much makeup that
 I didn't know what I owned to still having a larger than average collection, but I know where 
everything is. Whilst doing one of my many declutter sessions, I rediscovered some makeup 
that I forgot I used to love. There has been a lot of makeup hauls on my blog, but instead of sharing 
new products that I've bought, I wanted to share products I used to love but instead I forgot about.

There's not as many products as I thought, because I try to constantly rotate my products so I'm 
using different items and nothing is going to waste. However these seem to be the 6 that got away!

It's very rare that I repurchase a product as I like to be constantly trying new things, especially 
primers. A primer that I loved for months was the Lottie London Insta filler pore primer and I 
ended up repurchasing it twice. Not only is it convenient to use but its also perfect for achieving 
that flawless base as it soothes down and fills pores as well as reducing the look of any oiliness 

Out of all my makeup I own, foundation takes the major percentage. One that I loved the longest and 
have also used the most of is the Maybelline superstay foundation. Upon clearing out my makeup, I 
found this and forgot how much I loved it. I forgot how good this made your skin look, how wearable 
it was but also how well it lasted. Since then I've made sure to use it and rekindle my love.

I've lost count of the amount of concealers I've tried that have turned out to be too thick or too 
orange. Some times, believe it or not, even too pale. Throughout the years of makeup obsessing, 
I've loved using about 3-5 concealers, maybe even less. One of those was the Revolution fast base 
concealer. This has the perfect amount of coverage without looking too cakey all whilst offering 
the perfect shade for me as they have a huge variety of shades available. 

One of my favourite blushers was the Loreal lifes a peach blush, mainly because it spelt exactly
 like peaches but also because of how natural and easy it is to wear. This is super buildable and
 can take you from a natural day time look to a more intense dramatic look. The warm apricot 
shade is perfect for all summer looks but also for transitioning into autumn.

Out of all of my eyeshadows I always reach for coppers so I have no idea how I forgot about the CYO crush on metal metallic eyeshadow in the shade lovey dovey. This is an incredible pigmented and intense eyeshadow that is super smooth and easily bendable. I used to get a bunch of comments about how incredible this looked and I'm shocked at how this got lost amongst others. 

From the many many lipsticks I own, I've used the Loreal caresse lipstick in the shade 101 tempting 
lilac the most. So much so that I'm surprised there's any left, which is why I'm most shocked at how
 I forgot that I loved this. This is the perfect shade that goes with any look and is the only lipstick 
that I own that I can apply without a mirror, which makes it even more perfect!! 



  1. I have tried the Fast Base concealer! And I really want to try the maybelline foundation but I'm just stuck on the shade range! It's so nice rediscovering products x

    Joyce |

  2. that peachy blusher sounds bloody perfect for me x

  3. I've been meaning to get my hands on the peach blush from L'Oreal for ages!! It sounds amazing x

    Gemma Louise

  4. The life's a peach blush is my absolute fave blush lately x

    Lauren |

  5. Tempting Lilac! Oh my days, I wore that all of the time! It was such a beautiful lipstick however I don't think you can get it anymore.

    Amy x
    The July Rose